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From day to day, the political decisions and the current events seem to be moving our world towards the end times scenario that is found in Bible prophecy. Do you agree that the current events in our world are indeed setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled?
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Headlines from around the World

picture of the day
This is a war for sovereign control
of Temple Mt

picture of the day
Thousands protest against Israel
in Amman, Istanbul, Beirut

LEAD STORY Christian leaders that prayed over President Trump at the White House say that there will be a spiritual awakening before the Rapture, which the Bible contradicts Read Jimmy's report on today's top story, and how this event relates to Bible prophecy.

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Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has Dave Dolan as his Broadcast Partner who has a Middle East News Update. Jimmy and Dave will discuss the conflict on the Temple Mount; Jordanian Intel saying that Hizbullah is behind the terror attack on the Temple Mount, thus Iran is the major player in the conflict; the Sunni Center in Cairo is calling for the Islamic World to save the Al Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem; IS in the Sinai with an eye on the Jewish State of Israel; and VP Pence says the US Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem, the question is "when', not "if".

MUST SEE VIDEO WATCH: The Six Day War is Alive with Animation - Before the 1967 Six Day War between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations, who was the underdog and who was the bully?

Prophecy Today TV The Land of the Seven Churches - Part 7 Learn more about God's prophetic Word by watching this informative and exciting video.

“What is the relationship of Turkey to Hamas?” – Watch as Dr. Jimmy DeYoung responds to this question on the John Ankerberg Show.
“What Role Will Turkey Play in the Biblical End Times?” – Watch as Dr. Jimmy DeYoung responds to this question on the John Ankerberg Show.
“Why Does Turkey Pose a Danger to Israel, Europe, and America?” – Watch as Dr. Jimmy DeYoung responds to this question on the John Ankerberg Show.
“Why is Turkey so Important in Current World Events?” – Watch as Dr. Jimmy DeYoung responds to this question on the John Ankerberg Show.
“What should people who do not believe in God do before it is too late?” – Watch as Dr. Jimmy DeYoung responds to this question on the John Ankerberg Show.


Is the above player not working? Try this link to Listen live.


Prophecy Today - Top 10 Daily News Stories
This is a war for sovereign control of Temple Mt  The brutal stabbing attack at Halamish, which left a grandfather of 70, his son and daughter dead while still in their 40s and a grandmother of 78 badly injured - when the family was gathered for the Sabbath Eve meal on Friday, July 21 - was no random act of terror. 

Metal Detectors and Palestinian Lies  The controversy surrounding the Israeli authorities' decision to place metal detectors at the gates of the Temple Mount calls to mind the famous Arab saying, "he beat me and cried then came to me to complain." 

Israeli Officials Accuse: The Pa, Wakf Are Inciting Palestinians To Murder  In the wake of Friday's lethal attack which claimed the lives of three Israelis, Israeli officials call on the Palestinian leadership to help restore the calm. 

Red Lines In Syria  Will Turkey's attacks on U.S. allies stir Washington to action? 

Thousands protest against Israel in Amman, Istanbul, Beirut  Some 8,000 gather in Jordanian capital vowing to become 'martyrs' for Al-Aqsa, burn Israeli flag, denounce security measures at Temple Mount following terror attack. 

Amman: Thousands Protest Against Israel's Temple Mount Security Measures  Thousands chanted 'The people want liberation of al-Aksa', Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood demands action. 

Qatar emir calls for negotiations to ease Gulf boycott  The emir of Qatar has called for negotiations to ease a boycott by four powerful Arab neighbours. 

EU statement on July 21 meeting of the JCPOA Joint Commission  A meeting of the Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) took place on 21 July 2017 in Vienna. 

Interpol fears ISIS trained 170+ bomb attackers for Europe - media  A list of dozens of suspected ISIS militants trained to deal with explosives and potentially aiming at terrorist attacks in Europe has been shared with EU intelligence by The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), the Guardian reports. 

Mafia money pollutes the EU economy  Major profits from large-scale illegal activities have to be laundered to enter the so-called clean economy.

* Prophetic Prospective is Prophecy Today's biblical commentary on the news.
* Please note: The starred stories are located outside of Prophecy Today's website. Prophecy Today is not responsible for their content and does not necessarily agree with the views expressed therein.

picture of the day
EU statement on July 21 meeting
of the JCPOA Joint Commission

picture of the day
Interpol fears ISIS trained 170+
bomb attackers for Europe – media

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