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Prophecy Today Romania Bible Conference


Jimmy JrProphecy Today: Reaching Europe

Imagine you woke up tomorrow and Christianity was against the law

Every Church, every Christian TV network, every Christian website, every Christian radio station, every Christian bookstore, every Christian school, every seminary, all of them were immediately shut down and their materials were destroyed. Imagine the police starting going door to door rounding up and burning all Bibles, Christian books, movies, and CDs.  

Imagine if you were given the choice to either become an atheist, or join the state-sponsored "church" which was only being used by the government to wean people off of religion entirely.

In such a set of circumstances, and God forbid it ever come to that, how sound do you think the understanding of Bible prophecy would be to the Christians in this country?

Now imagine that the criminalization of Christianity lasted for 40 years.

How sound would the average Christian's understanding of Bible prophecy be? How sound would be the understanding of even the leaders of the Christian community - the pastors of the secret, underground churches?

How sound do you think it is now?  

  Not a hypothetical question for Christians in Romania

For over 40 years, Romania was under the control of an atheist Communist regime. Christianity was outlawed. There were no Christian schools, there were no seminaries, there were no Christian bookstores full of Bibles and study helps... Getting access to a Bible was not only difficult - it was dangerous.

As a result, the church in Romania was without strong, biblically-based teaching on eschatology - the study of the End Times in Bible prophecy. Even today, over 20 years after the fall of Communism in Europe, there is still a lack of resources for the pastors of Romanian churches to get a proper perspective on Bible prophecy. The materials and teaching they have received for the most part has been from the non-biblical perspective of amillennialism. 

Prophecy Conference for Romanian Christian Leaders

Jimmy DeYoung, Jr. has established a relationship with many of the pastors and church leaders of Romania. Last year, he had the privilege of working with dozens of church leaders from throughout that country, teaching the truth of God's prophetic Word, so that those leaders could share that truth with their people.

Jimmy once again has the opportunity to reach nearly 100 Romanian church leaders this year. A prophecy conference for Romanian pastors and Christian leaders is scheduled for October 3 - 5 in Lugoj, Romania. But he can only do it with your help.

Putting on a conference like this is expensive, even with us trying to keep costs at a minimum. Romania is a rich country, culturally, but not monetarily. As a result, the pastors and church leaders are not able to pay the full price of event. With the travel expenses, the rental of the space, the provision of materials for the church leaders, and the offsetting of their costs, this conference will cost right at $10,000 to put on.

We are moving forward in faith to make this happen. We believe it is important for Christians in Romania to have a proper understanding of Bible prophecy. One's understanding of Bible prophecy affects their understanding of all of theology.

To put it another way, how we see the End Times is directly connected to how we see God. Does God keep His Word? Is He just? Is He holy? Is He gracious and loving? Is He righteous? Our answers to all of these questions are reflected in how we understand Bible prophecy.

You can be a part of this important opportunity

What can you do to help us bring the truth of God's prophetic Word to the leadership of the Church in Romania? How will you choose to invest in this work that will have a multiplied eternal impact? The impact will be not just in the lives of the leaders who attend this conference - but the ones to whom they minister, the ones that are already Christians, and the ones to whom they will share the Gospel.

Time is short to be a part of this ministry opportunity. Please prayerfully consider what God would have you to do. And please pray for Jimmy and the team at the conference, that God will fill them and use them as they seek to share His prophetic Word.


If you can help financially, please donate online. If you would rather send a check, please write it to Life Impact for Eternity and put Romania Conference in the memo. You may press the donate button to donate online:

Or send a check to:

Prophecy Today

PO Box 2510

Chattanooga, TN 37409


Thank you for your friendship.  I am thrilled that I can share my passion for world missions with you.