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Prophecy Today's Israel Project Prophecy TodayTop MenuProphecy Today
Israel Project

Are You Ready for a Youth Trip with a Purpose?

Jimmy Jr.

Places You'll See

Jerusalem - The Eternal Holy City

Bethlehem - Birthplace of Jesus Christ

Nazareth - Hometown of Jesus Christ

Ministry Opportunities

A Children's Day Club

Basketball Clinics for Young Adults

Ministry through Drama and Music

When? June 22 - July 6, 2011

Cost? $2999

Nazareth Village
Nazareth - The hometown of Jesus Christ

You'll also go hiking, kayaking on the Jordan River, and go on a desert camp-out in the Judean Wilderness.

Download the Application Here!
Send to: Israel Project
P.O. Box 2510
Chattanooga, TN 37409

Fill out the form below for more information:

Email Address: