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Jerusalem is the subject of discussion in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks that could bring down the Israeli government

February 15, 2008

As the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace talks continue, there is the ever-increasing possibility that the present Israeli government may fall apart due to the negotiations going on right now about the status of the city of Jerusalem.

Several of the political parties involved in the Ehud Olmert government say they will bring the government down if even discussions of the division of Jerusalem are being held. There is information surfacing that both public and secret talks are going on and one Israeli official is claiming that a deal has been made to divide Jerusalem. The PA leadership says there can be no peace deal without a portion of Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state they see as the deal for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Negotiations to divide the city of Jerusalem being held by the Israelis and the Palestinians can not only bring down the present Israeli government but it is a precursor to the End Times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

As the Israelis and the Palestinians discuss the potential peace deal that President Bush and other world leaders have encouraged these leaders to do in order to have a peaceful coexistence in the Middle East, the subject of Jerusalem is quickly becoming the main focus of the talks. Many of the Israeli leaders wanted any discussion of the status on Jerusalem to be held at the end of the peace talks. Palestinian leaders believe that Jerusalem is their main concern in these talks and have forced the issue onto the table with Israeli officials agreeing to talk about Jerusalem and its division. With Jerusalem as the main focus of the prophetic scenario found in Bible prophecy, we are quickly moving ever so close to the fulfillment of these prophecies.

Zechariah wrote 2,500 years ago that Jerusalem will be the center of controversy that it is today and this controversy would be the precursor to the Second Coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, Zechariah 12:2. Jesus told Zechariah in a pre-incarnate appearance that He was aggressively possessive for Jerusalem and that He would come back one day to build His Temple there where He would rule and reign from during the Kingdom Period, Zechariah 1:14-16.

With Jerusalem on the table in the Israeli-Palestinian discussions it is clear that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

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