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The September 23rd prophetic phenomenon, has been disproved by science, events in the heavenliness; by the Scripture, wrong interpretation of Revelation 12; and by the end times scenario of the Rapture of the Church happening on the Jewish Feast Day of Trumpets. Is it possible that the internet has actually been misused by these false teachers?
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Prophecy Today Special Reports!

Bookmark this page and check back frequently to hear special interviews on Real Audio. These reports on today's headlines are unique to Prophecy Today and you won't want to miss them.

Special Reports

Each week, Jimmy DeYoung interviews key players all over the world concerning news from the Middle East. Make sure to listen to these exciting interviews from Jimmy DeYoung.

Interview with Col. Bob Maginnis - 6-10-06 - Listen as Jimmy talks with Col. Bob Maginnis concerning the death of Al Zarqawi in Iraq.

Interview with Daniel Pipes - 6-10-06 - Listen as Jimmy interviews Daniel Pipes about his article in the Jerusalem Post on Moslem Zionism.

Interview with Gershon Solomon - 6-10-06 - Listen as Jimmy speaks with the head of the Temple Mount Faithful, Gershon Solomon, about his experience in the Six Day War.

Interview with Israel Medod - 6-10-06 - Listen as Jimmy discusses a potpourri of Israeli news with Prophecy Today regular, Israel Medod.

Interview with Ed Horner - 6-10-06 - Listen as Jimmy speaks with Ed Horner concerning his latest article about the remains of a palace overlooking the city of Jerusalem.

Listen to Jimmy's A Look at the Book - Each week, Jimmy takes an insightful look into God's Word.

Download RealPlayer

These interviews require the RealPlayer - or a compatible media player program. You can download the RealPlayer for free here.