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Prophecy Poll
With all current events seemingly unfolding to fit into the prophetic scenario that is found in God's Word, as we report these events to you and give you background information, does it seem like we are getting closer to the time of the fulfillment of each and everyone one of the prophecies foretold in God's Word?
Yes 94.2%
No 2.2%
Not Sure 3.6%

Total Votes: 138

Version 2.08

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Prophecy Today?
A - Prophecy Today is Jimmy DeYoung's broadcast that covers the political as it sets the stage for the prophetic to be fulfilled. For more information visit our "Jimmy on the Radio" page.

Q - Who is Jimmy DeYoung?
A - Jimmy DeYoung, host of Prophecy Today, is a prophecy teacher, author, journalist, and evangelist. He has worked in television and radio ministries for several years and created Prophecy Today in January 1999. Jimmy DeYoung travels the world telling people about the soon coming return of Jesus Christ. You can learn more about Jimmy on our "About Us" page.

Q - Where can I hear Prophecy Today?
A - Prophecy Today is broadcast in most states in the United States. Visit the "Jimmy on the Radio" page to see where Jimmy can be heard near you. You may also listen live on this website.

Q - How can I find out more about Prophecy Today?
A - You can call Steve Allred, Producer of Prophecy Today at 423-825-6247. E-mail Steve here.

Q - What does the Bible say about _____ in Prophecy?
A - Answers to many questions about Bible prophecy can be found on our Q and A page. If your question isn't addressed there, you can sumbit your question via email.