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Date Program Topic MP3
January 15, 2018 A false alarm on a missile attack on Hawaii makes the world aware of a potential North Korean missile attack     Play
January 12, 2018 The Bible, God's Word, is key to our proper lifestyle for the New Year     Play
January 11, 2018 The Roman Church says that the Virgin Mary was born without sin, lived a sinless life and never died, she just went into heaven     Play
January 10, 2018 President Trump has kicked the habit of funding the Palestinian terrorist in Israel     Play
January 9, 2018 Israeli leaders say they will build more homes in the Jewish settlement area of the God given land of Judea and Samaria     Play
January 8, 2018 There could be a revolution in Iran     Play
January 5, 2018 Deceptive Bible Prophecy teachers have actually set the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled     Play
January 4, 2018 Palestinian unity talks in 2017 did not work; however, President Trumps decision on Jerusalem may well bring the Palestinians together     Play
January 3, 2018 The Jews are prepared to build their Temple in Jerusalem during 2018     Play
January 2, 2018 Israel's number one news story of 2017 is President Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as the political capital of the Jewish State of Israel     Play
January 1, 2018 North Korea has been a global threat in 2017, and it will continue as a global threat into 2018     Play
December 29, 2017 After 24 years of effort there is no resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; however, there is an answer why     Play
December 28, 2017 An Israeli official is calling for all Jews to ascend onto the Temple Mount     Play
December 27, 2017 Many pro-Israel Christian groups are raising millions of dollars for the Jews, but not for the purpose of evangelizing the Jews     Play
December 26, 2017 Russia and the European Union are setting the stage for two super powers in the End Times     Play
December 25, 2017 There has been a miraculous mysterious birth reported to have taken place in a shepherd's field near Bethlehem in Israel     Play
December 22, 2017 The back story of the wise men, who came to the newly born Messiah, is amazing     Play
December 21, 2017 A pentagon official says that even though North Korea is a nuclear threat to our world, we need to change our focus and put it on the nuclear threat from Russia     Play
December 20, 2017 Archeology in the ancient land of Israel is key to understanding its history but also its future, as well     Play
December 19, 2017 The terror organization, Hamas, says that they will reverse President Trump's declaration on Jerusalem with the help of Iran and Hizbullah     Play
December 18, 2017 Iran says that President Trump's declaration on Jerusalem is only hastening the destruction of the Jewish state     Play
December 15, 2017 The location of the city of Jerusalem goes all the way back to the beginning, to the location of the Garden of Eden     Play
December 14, 2017 President Trump believes that his designation of Jerusalem as the political capitol of Israel is a key component in his plan for the peace process     Play
December 13, 2017 Iran has ordered the Palestinians to become violent against the Trump announcement on Jerusalem     Play
December 12, 2017 There is a connection between the Jewish Holy Day of Hanukkah and President Trumps declaration on the City of Jerusalem     Play
December 11, 2017 Jerusalem is the Political Capitol of the State of Israel, that is according to President Donald Trump, but instead; should I say, according to the Bible     Play
December 8, 2017 A Transgender lifestyle is not Biblical     Play
December 7, 2017 President Trump says that Jerusalem is Israel's Capitol City     Play
December 6, 2017 The Iranian army chief says that the next war will eradicate Israel     Play
December 5, 2017 A United Nations vote in 1947 was part of a plan to allow for a Jewish state in the Middle East, but also to take Jerusalem away from the Jewish people     Play
December 4, 2017 North Korea could put America back in the stone age     Play
December 1, 2017 Replacement Theology which is growing among Christians is a Demonic Theology     Play
November 30, 2017 A national talk show host says America has a sexual problem     Play
November 29, 2017 A Palestinian children's magazine is calling for the Palestinian children to throw stones at Jewish people, to kill them     Play
November 28, 2017 The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia says that the Supreme Leader of Iran is the next Hitler     Play
November 27, 2017 Russian President Vladimir Putin has summoned three of the major players to Russia to plan the future for the Middle East     Play
November 24, 2017 There are reports that there are crowds gathering on the Washington Mall, in our nations capitol , to worship pagan God     Play
November 23, 2017 A group of Christians from England brought Thanksgiving, a Biblical holiday, to America     Play
November 22, 2017 An Israeli official told Israel to prepare for one million Jewish settlers     Play
November 21, 2017 Israel's treaty with Egypt is on shaky ground; therefore, someone must step up to strengthen this peace agreement     Play
November 20, 2017 A change in Saudi Arabia's leadership may mean that Israel will partner with the Saudi's to fight Iran     Play
November 17, 2017 In light of the mass murder in the church in South Texas, is it Biblically correct for Christians to arm themselves for protection     Play
November 16, 2017 Almost three-quarters of the Israeli Jews say that they want the right to pray on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem     Play
November 15, 2017 The phrase, "Allah Akbar" that is shouted by Islamic terrorist, has a different meaning then what it reported in the main stream media     Play
November 14, 2017 Lebanon and Saudi Arabia are in a conflict that could lead to an all out war in the Middle East     Play
November 13, 2017 President Trump's Asian Tour is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled     Play
November 10, 2017 As Christians celebrate the Lord’s Table at their local church they are giving testimony that God has a future plan for the Jewish people     Play
November 9, 2017 The Moslem Brotherhood,a terrorist organization that is infiltrating America today, is at the same time preparing to destroy the Jews in our world     Play
November 8, 2017 The Palestinians are calling for the British Empire to apologize for the Balfour Declaration     Play
November 7, 2017 Iran says that the United States is their number one enemy even as Iran and Russia form a strategic alliance     Play
November 6, 2017 100 years ago the British Empire signed the Balfour Declaration that led to the Jewish State of Israel     Play
November 3, 2017 The Jewish State of Israel is calling on the world to allow the Kurds to have their own independent state     Play
November 2, 2017 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says that they are ready to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear program and are willing to do the strike alone, if necessary     Play
November 1, 2017 Chinese President Xi Jinping has solidified his leadership role in China and now wants a larger footprint in the Middle East     Play
October 31, 2017 There is a very interesting connection between the Protestant Reformation and the day of Halloween     Play
October 30, 2017 Iran says that Palestine is the number one issue in the Islamic world     Play
October 27, 2017 The Christian community in northern Iraq is in danger     Play
October 26, 2017 Scientist have discovered the largest dinosaur ever unearthed, so large that it was not on Noah's Ark     Play
October 25, 2017 The Roman Catholic Church will be the infrastructure for the False Church as foretold in Revelation 17     Play
October 24, 2017 The smaller war in the Middle East has been to defeat Islamic State, the bigger war will be with Iraq and Iran     Play
October 23, 2017 The President of China has laid out his thirty year plan to make China center stage in our world     Play
October 20, 2017 Recently a group of over thirty prophecy teachers held a conference in Oklahoma, the problem was that some were Biblical teachers and many were false teachers, which Jesus warned us of for the Last Days     Play
October 19, 2017 A Jordanian spokesperson says that the Jews must not be allowed on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem because it provokes the Moslem world     Play
October 18, 2017 The Russians have a full court press to insert themselves into the Middle Eastern affairs     Play
October 17, 2017 President Trump says he will not certify the Iranian nuclear deal but what does that mean?     Play
October 16, 2017 During the seven day Feast of Tabernacles, in Jerusalem, three events took place that set the stage to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem     Play
October 13, 2017 Bad things can happen to good people as evidenced by fierce hurricanes and a single shooter killing over 50 people at one time     Play
October 12, 2017 In the unity talks between the two factions of the Palestinian people, one faction is a terrorist organization, and the other claims to be moderate but both want to kill the Jews and steal their land     Play
October 11, 2017 The King of Saudi Arabia has made a historic visit to Russia that may affect a global power structure     Play
October 10, 2017 The Israeli Prime Minister met with Temple Institute leaders in a thatched hut, a sukkah, on the Feasts of Tabernacles, so that he could learn about a coming Jewish Temple in Jerusalem     Play
October 9, 2017 Jews in Israel and around the world remember the past and look at the future as well as they sit in a thatched hut for seven days     Play
October 6, 2017 Replacement Theology which is growing among Christians is a Demonic Theology     Play
October 5, 2017 The recent Republican party primary in Alabama is evidence that God puts in place those political leaders that He wants who will then fulfill God's plan for the future     Play
October 4, 2017 It is the 50th Anniversary of the Jewish settlements and the Jews say they will not withdraw from this God given land     Play
October 3, 2017 French President Macron calls for a stronger European Union, with a military, a precursor to the Revived Roman Empire     Play
October 2, 2017 The Jewish Holy Day of Yom Kippur is a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ entering the Holy of Holies when He comes back to the earth     Play
September 29, 2017 The truth be known, those false teachers who taught about September 2rd, misused the Word of God     Play
September 28, 2017 The two factions of the Palestinian people are in unity talks, if they unite, it will mean violence to the Jewish people of Israel     Play
September 27, 2017 There is high security in place in Israel because of the Jewish New Year and the Fall Jewish Feasts days     Play
September 26, 2017 President Trump stood strong for America at the United Nations while Iran and North Korea threatened to destroy the United States of America     Play
September 25, 2017 The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is 5778, a year that will unfold many prophetic events     Play
September 22, 2017 False prophets are teaching on the "prophetic phenomenon" for September 23rd, but they are not using the Bible, instead they are using the zodiac     Play
September 21, 2017 Many prophecy teachers are saying that the Rapture of the Church will take place on the Jewish Feast Day of Trumpets, which is entirely not Biblical     Play
September 20, 2017 The so-called prophetic phenomenon to happen on September 23rd is fake news     Play
September 19, 2017 As Prime Minister Netanyahu makes an historic trip to South America, Palestinian terrorist depict the Prime Minister as Adolph Hitler in Palestinian propaganda     Play
September 18, 2017 Jihadist on one of the planes who attacked the South Tower in NYC pre-recorded a video that said "The American blood was delicious and their meat cheap".     Play
September 15, 2017 The great Bible teacher, Dr. Stanley Toussaint has died, and is with the Lord     Play
September 14, 2017 Russia and the European Union are setting the stage for two super powers in the End Times     Play
September 13, 2017 North Korea is not only a nuclear threat but they now may have technology that could destroy all of Americas electronic equipment, as well     Play
September 12, 2017 The Israeli Defense Force is holding it's most intense military exercise, at the northern border with Lebanon, even as Israel is watching North Korea     Play
September 11, 2017 Syria and Egypt are arming their militaries with chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction     Play
September 8, 2017 Many pro-Israel Christian groups are raising millions of dollars for the Jews, but not for the purpose of evangelizing the Jews     Play
September 7, 2017 120 years ago God used a secular Jew to set in motion the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, a Jewish state in our world     Play
September 6, 2017 Hebron, Judaism's oldest community, some 4,000 years old, is key to the Jewish people today     Play
September 5, 2017 An Israeli official is calling for all Jews to ascend onto the Temple Mount     Play
September 4, 2017 North Korea fires a ballistic missile over Japan, an in your face gesture to the United States and the world     Play
September 1, 2017 In California, a kindergarten teaching children, had a discussion for the 4-5 year olds about whether they could change their sex from male to female or vise-versa     Play
August 31, 2017 After 24 years of effort there is no resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; however, there is an answer why     Play
August 30, 2017 The recent meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel and the Russian President Vladimir Putin was focused on Syria and Israel's demand to keep Iran away from Israel     Play
August 29, 2017 The question Israeli leaders are asking is how serious is the Iranian threat to the state of Israel     Play
August 28, 2017 Islamic Radicals in Kenya, enter a church, take the Pastor and hack him to death with a machete     Play
August 25, 2017 President Trump is losing support among Evangelical Christians because of his unfulfilled promise on Jerusalem     Play
August 24, 2017 The Islamic terror organization, Hamas, is behind the tearing down of historic statues in America     Play
August 23, 2017 Iran announces that they can restart their nuclear program, to develop a nuclear weapon of mass destruction, within hours     Play
August 22, 2017 Christianity is involved in genocide in Iraq     Play
August 21, 2017 The total eclipse of the sun, a sign in the heavens, has nothing to do with Bible prophecy today, but it does speak to the future     Play
August 18, 2017 The Roman Catholic Church will be the infrastructure for the False Church as foretold in Revelation 17     Play
August 17, 2017 Scientist have discovered the largest dinosaur ever unearthed, so large that it was not on Noah's Ark     Play
August 16, 2017 Israel is on high military alert as they prepare for the most powerful rogue nations on earth, North Korea and Iran     Play
August 15, 2017 United States military personnel will be fighting side by side with the radical Islamic terror group, Hezbollah     Play
August 14, 2017 North Korea is a threat to the United States but to Israel, as well     Play
August 11, 2017 The Bible teaches that those who are true Born Again believers may also be heretics     Play
August 10, 2017 Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, has fired the leaders of Turkeys' Army, Air Force, and Navy in order to become the most powerful leader of the nation of Turkey     Play
August 9, 2017 Russian soldiers, including 5,000 mercenaries, are now at Israel's northern border     Play
August 8, 2017 A Gay Pride Parade has taken place in the Holy City of Jerusalem     Play
August 7, 2017 Recently the Jewish people stopped to remember the destruction of Solomon's Temple in 586 BC and Herod's Temple in 70 AD both on the day of Tisha B'Av     Play
August 4, 2017 A proper Bible study method is key for us to understand what God is saying to each of us today     Play
August 3, 2017 President Trump, on a Tweet, said there will be no transgenders that will serve in the US military     Play
August 2, 2017 The Christian community in northern Iraq is in danger     Play
August 1, 2017 During the time the Israeli's have been dealing with the conflict on the Temple Mount, the Russian military forces have moved within five miles of the Israeli border in the North     Play
July 31, 2017 The Palestinians say that the Israeli Prime Minister caved in to their pressure and now the Palestinians control the Temple Mount     Play
July 28, 2017 There is a danger in interfaith dialogue which is being practiced by the church community today     Play
July 27, 2017 The Israeli Prime Minister has visited the nation of Hungary in the European Union, a nation that seems to be anti-semitic     Play
July 26, 2017 The Kurds in Iraq want the United States to establish military bases in the Iraqi-Kurdistan area     Play
July 25, 2017 Moslems refuse to enter the Temple Mount which could mean a disaster is about to happen     Play
July 24, 2017 The conflict on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is not going to go away     Play
July 21, 2017 Christian leaders that prayed over President Trump at the White House say that there will be a spiritual awakening before the Rapture, which the Bible contradicts     Play
July 20, 2017 The recent fly-by of Jupiter is evidence of the Lord's Creation and His return to Earth also     Play
July 19, 2017 The Palestinian leaders say that the United Nations has given them permission to kill Jewish people     Play
July 18, 2017 A recent terror attack on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is evidence that the Moslems want this sacred Jewish Holy Site     Play
July 17, 2017 The defeat of Islamic State in the Iraqi city of Mosul is not the end of the story     Play
July 14, 2017 An investigative archaeologist, Harry Moskoff, says that the Ark of the Covenant is the source of all prophetic truth     Play
July 13, 2017 Recently President Trump visited the Holocaust site in Warsaw, Poland to say, "Never again will a Holocaust happen"; however, the Bible says there will be another Holocaust     Play
July 12, 2017 The United Nations says that land belonging to the Jewish people for over 4,000 years is now the property of the Palestinian people     Play
July 11, 2017 Iran says that Palestine is the number one issue in the Islamic world     Play
July 10, 2017 The G20 was a gathering of world leaders but two of those leaders who met in a sidebar meeting have a major impact on the prophetic scenario that is found in Bible prophecy     Play
July 7, 2017 Many church groups have passed resolutions that deny that God has a plan for Israel, but they must remember, God's Word is absolute     Play
July 6, 2017 The European Union is in the drivers seat as it prepares for the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union     Play
July 5, 2017 A Jewish Temple Mount activist says that the Jewish Temple has not been built because the Jewish people are not ready     Play
July 4, 2017 The Temple Institute has announced that they have the potential to have four red heifers in the near future     Play
July 3, 2017 Iran has a countdown clock that is revealing how long it will be to the destruction of the state of Israel, and at the same time Iran is warning the United States to not "play with fire" in Syria     Play
June 30, 2017 The men today claiming to be apostles in the status of the Apostle Paul, men that are a part of the NAR, New Apostolic Reformation, these men are false apostles, that is according to the Bible     Play
June 29, 2017 The European Union member states want to reject including Turkey as a member state in the European Union Empire because Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, is a radical Islamist     Play
June 28, 2017 The United Nations is trying to give the historic rights of Hebron, in Israel, to the Palestinian people even though there is a Jewish history that dates back some 4,000 years ago, there in Hebron     Play
June 27, 2017 President Trump does not understand why the State of Israeli fears a second state, a Palestinian State     Play
June 26, 2017 Iran has fired missiles at Islamic State, but then they said that they could fire those missiles at the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel     Play
June 23, 2017 In a local church, during a Pastoral transition, that could be the most dangerous time for that church     Play
June 22, 2017 In order for the European Union to become an empire they need their own military forces, an army     Play
June 21, 2017 The Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, says that a nuclear powered North Korea is a threat to the United States     Play
June 20, 2017 Israeli officials are asking whether President Trump can have a Middle East peace breakthrough this next year     Play
June 19, 2017 The US Military has escalated its activity in Syria which could put US forces in harms way     Play
June 16, 2017 The Kingdom is coming but we as the Church have nothing to do with building that Kingdom     Play
June 15, 2017 The Jewish settlements, Jewish communities in the West Bank, better known as Judea and Samaria, these settlements are a hindrance to the peace process, but that is not a true statement according to politics and prophecy     Play
June 14, 2017 Turkish President Tayyup Erdogan is making political decisions that will put him in a position to lead a worldwide caliphate or a Kingdom     Play
June 13, 2017 Even though President Trump has not moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, and has not resolved the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Jew's are God's chosen people and the land of Israel is God's chosen land     Play
June 12, 2017 The recent elections in the United Kingdom will have an effect politically and on Brexit but it will not change God's prophetic scenario for the End Times     Play
June 9, 2017 A recent massacre of Coptic Christians by Islamic Radicals is of much concern especially because of the coming demographic time bomb     Play
June 8, 2017 As the Jews celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem, some 50 years ago, 78% of Israelis believe that there will be no peace treaty     Play
June 7, 2017 God created Human Government and has raised up Political leaders to fulfill God's Plan for the future through decisions these political leaders make every single day     Play
June 6, 2017 The Moslems around the world are celebrating the month of Ramadan, a month of Islamic violences     Play
June 5, 2017 The CBN Docu-drama, "In Our Hands", is an excellent production and historically correct but it is not Biblical in the statements made by Gordon Robertson at the end of the film as it relates to the End Times     Play
June 2, 2017 Islam is not a peaceful religion     Play
June 1, 2017 After the Presidential elections in Iran, Iran is on the same path to the prophetic scenario found in Bible prophec     Play
May 31, 2017 Most Israelis believe that President Trump will not be able to work a deal for the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict     Play
May 30, 2017 The Moslem World leaders cannot follow the instructions to drive out terrorism as laid out by President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia     Play
May 29, 2017 Jerusalem is more than a capitol city, Jerusalem is the essence of what a Jew is today     Play
May 26, 2017 Even though there is symbolism and figurative language in the Bible, we must interpret God's Word literally     Play
May 25, 2017 Geopolitical events in Iran and Turkey are setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled     Play
May 24, 2017 The fact that the Palestinians believe that there is no Jewish connection to Jerusalem will hinder President Trumps efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict     Play
May 23, 2017 President Trump fails to keep his campaign promise to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and at the same time He rejects the Biblical directive for Jerusalem     Play
May 22, 2017 The 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem, this city is the capitol of the Jewish state and the largest city in Israel     Play
May 19, 2017 A rabbi in Jerusalem believes the next Jewish Temple will be rebuilt very soon and on the location of that gold-domed building, the Dome of the Rock, there on the Temple Mount     Play
May 18, 2017 The Jew's know where the Ark of the Covenant is today, actually three men have been to the location     Play
May 17, 2017 A Rabbi and member of the Israeli Knesset explains how the Temple Institute has made preparations for the rebuilding of the next Jewish Temple in Jerusalem     Play
May 16, 2017 Even as Jewish children are taught about a Jewish Temple, the Israeli government is discouraging the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem     Play
May 15, 2017 The Kurds in Iraq and Syria are the fiercest fighters in the Middle East and they have a connection to Biblical prophecy     Play
May 12, 2017 If there is no hell, there is no need for someone to trust in Jesus Christ for eternal Salvation     Play
May 11, 2017 On Independence Day in Israel, the 69th Birthday of the Jewish State of Israel; UNESCO, a United Nations agency, announced there is no Jewish connection to the entire city of Jerusalem, both the Eastern section and the Western section of the city     Play
May 10, 2017 There are reports out of Israel that the meeting between President Trump and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was a complete failure as it relates to President Abbas     Play
May 9, 2017 President Trump says that the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is the most difficult issue on earth     Play
May 8, 2017 President Trump will do his 'Tolerance Tour' in order to bring the three religions of the world together     Play
May 5, 2017 The way we interpret the Bible, whether it be literally or allegorically is key to our understanding of God's Word, it's not what I think the Bible says but what God is saying through His Word     Play
May 4, 2017 Pope Francis was recently in Egypt not to honor the Coptic Church but instead to empower the Islamic World     Play
May 3, 2017 US Political leaders are focused on the North Korean threat to the United States     Play
May 2, 2017 God has used Human Government to bring about a Jewish state among the nations of the world, the state of Israel, 69 years old     Play
May 1, 2017 The Jewish people this week have come from sorrow to celebration as they stop to remember     Play
April 28, 2017 The Bible Answer Man is no longer capable to answer Bible questions     Play
April 27, 2017 Recent harassment by a Moslem activist has caused a Christian leader to warn the churches of similar Moslem attacks in the future     Play
April 26, 2017 As the Jews stop to remember the six million Jews that were killed in the Holocaust, they also realize that the Holocaust gave the Jewish people a state of its own     Play
April 25, 2017 In the Middle East, Turkey and Syria are major players for today and the future, as well     Play
April 24, 2017 The elections in the European Union have not only a political significance but a prophetic significance as well     Play
April 21, 2017 There is evidence that Jesus Christ did resurrect from the dead     Play
April 20, 2017 The Trump Administrations Secretary of State, a neophyte political leader, gets high marks for dealing with Syria's Bashar Assad and his Russian counterpart as they both deny that it was a Syrian weapons attack on the Syrian people     Play
April 19, 2017 Egypt is now building the largest airbase in the entire nation, located in the Sinai Peninsula, the big question is, is this an airbase to be used to fight Islamic State or the State of Israel     Play
April 18, 2017 The Islamic Holy Book, the Koran, calls for the Jews to return to the Promised Land, then to be killed by the Moslems     Play
April 17, 2017 Religious Jews in Jerusalem, during the Passover week, participated in a number of activities, though symbolic, events that actually require a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, without a Jewish Temple     Play
April 14, 2017 There is an effort to overturn the Reformation, a decision made about 500 years ago that states the Biblical approach to the doctrine of Biblical salvation     Play
April 13, 2017 There is a new book on the New York Times Bestseller List that is being used to bring about a one-world religion     Play
April 12, 2017 Syria is saying that the reason the US attack took place on their air bases was motivated by the American desire to make Israel stronger in the region     Play
April 11, 2017 During the time of conflict and violence in the Middle East, the Jews sit at a Passover Table to bring calm out of chaos     Play
April 10, 2017 The United States strike on the airbase in Syria, that was the origin for the Syrian chemical attacks, is a signal to major players in this world today     Play
April 7, 2017 Demonic activity is increasing in our world today and God’s Word, the Bible, gives us instructions on how Christians are to deal with Satan and demons in the last days     Play
April 6, 2017 Members of the Arab League say that now Moslems are God's Chosen People, not the Jews, and that Jerusalem is their capitol city     Play
April 5, 2017 A top US Military Commander says that Iran is the greatest threat to our world today     Play
April 4, 2017 In Israel, the term West Bank has nothing to do with the land that God has promised and then given to the Jewish people     Play
April 3, 2017 The British Prime Minister has triggered article 50 in order to have the United Kingdom withdraw from the European Union     Play
March 31, 2017 Pope Francis is calling for exorcism on demon-possessed people     Play
March 30, 2017 Israel honors a Rabbi who almost blew up the Dome of the Rock     Play
March 29, 2017 Russia has warned Israel not to enter Syrian airspace; however, Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has rejected Putin's warning     Play
March 28, 2017 Iran has vowed to liberate the Golan Heights in Israel     Play
March 27, 2017 With one of the 28 member states missing, the European Union went ahead in the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the European Union     Play
March 24, 2017 God's Word is absolute as it relates to the role of men and women in the local church     Play
March 23, 2017 One sign of religious war happening all across the European Union is that there are more Moslems in European Union Christian Schools then there are Christians     Play
March 22, 2017 Russia already has a major presence in the Middle East, and they want to expand that presence     Play
March 21, 2017 There is an interesting connection between the Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty and the City of Jerusalem     Play
March 20, 2017 On the Sixth Anniversary of the Syrian Civil War, Bashar Assad has won this horrific war     Play
March 17, 2017 In the Christian world there is a major controversy surrounding the book and the movie, The Shack, and the reason for that controversy, there are some major theological problems in the book and the movie     Play
March 16, 2017 There is a connection between Bible Prophecy and the activities of the Moon, Black Holes and the number of Stars which are equal to the number the grains of sand on the earth     Play
March 15, 2017 The military leaders of Russia, Turkey and the United States are meeting to discuss US troops on the ground in Syria     Play
March 14, 2017 President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held talks in Moscow this last week with an agenda that will impact the world     Play
March 13, 2017 The little Old Testament book of Esther is a record of Jewish history but also it reveals the future for the Jewish people as well     Play
March 10, 2017 A homosexual who says that he is a Christian also says that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality     Play
March 9, 2017 The Doctrine of the Virgin Mary in the Church today is setting the stage for the appearance of a worldwide false religion during the Tribulation Period in Rome     Play
March 8, 2017 The official Palestinian Authority Facebook site is calling for Palestinians to murder Jewish people     Play
March 7, 2017 A decision by the Arab League means that Russia has won, America has loss     Play
March 6, 2017 The military battle in Northern Iraq to drive Islamic State out of Mosul is both political and prophetic     Play
March 3, 2017 The Birth of Jesus Christ answered the age old question, when does life begin?     Play
March 2, 2017 The High Commissioner of the European Union has a plan to make the European Union Member States a Global Empire     Play
March 1, 2017 President Donald Trump names a key component to his National Security Team     Play
February 28, 2017 Palestinian Protestors are depicting the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Hitler     Play
February 27, 2017 VX Nerve Gas, a chemical weapon of mass destruction, has surfaced in North Korea, and in Iraq, in the possession of Islamic State terrorist     Play
February 24, 2017 If the Sign Gift of "speaking in tongues" is for today it must follow very strict Biblical requirements     Play
February 23, 2017 The Trump Administration has dispatched cabinet members to talk with Russian leaders, their counterparts     Play
February 22, 2017 The Israeli's have tangible evidence that the state of Israel belongs to the Jewish people     Play
February 21, 2017 The Palestinian Authority rejects a one state solution for the Palestinian conflict as was suggested by President Trump     Play
February 20, 2017 The world watched as the Prime Minister of Israeli and the President of the United States met to discuss the most dangerous region of the world, the Middle East     Play
February 17, 2017 A Baptist Pastor says that he must embrace Islam in order to be faithful to his Baptist beliefs     Play
February 16, 2017 The Israeli Knesset has passed a law that could extend the area of the Jewish state to include the land of the Jewish settlements     Play
February 15, 2017 The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp is a radical Messianic Military Unit under command of Islamic Clerics     Play
February 14, 2017 The Israeli Prime Minister will meet President Trump at the White House and both leaders are eager for this meeting     Play
February 13, 2017 Former President Jimmy Carter helped bring down the Shah of Iran in 1979, which led to the Islamic Revolution     Play
February 10, 2017 Social media is alive with Christians protesting President Trumps Executive Order on the pause in immigration and these Christian protestors are misusing Biblical Scripture in their arguments.     Play
February 9, 2017 The left wing politicos and the media are aiding the Moslem world in an international propaganda ploy     Play
February 8, 2017 Recently the Israeli police evacuated a Jewish settlement, then the Prime Minister promised an even larger settlement area but the Jews claim the beginning of a second Jewish state     Play
February 7, 2017 The chances that Iran and Israel will get into a conflict have gone way up since the election of Donald Trump     Play
February 6, 2017 Iran has been put on notice by the Trump Administration, "Live by the rules or pay the consequences"     Play
February 3, 2017 There are prophecy teachers that are part of the Post-modern Prophetic Paradigm which are now into science fiction eschatology     Play
February 2, 2017 World leaders are warning President Trump that if he moves the US Embassy to Jerusalem it could spark a major war in the Middle East     Play
February 1, 2017 United States President Trump and Russian President Putin have had a phone call that really touched on both American and Russian Middle East policy     Play
January 31, 2017 President Trump has called for all radical Moslems to be eliminated; however, there is one problem, all true Moslems are radical     Play
January 30, 2017 The United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day drew attention to the horrific events of the Holocaust, the killing of 6 million Jews during World War II; however, the Bible says there is another Holocaust coming that will be worse     Play
January 27, 2017 A Catholic Bishop in Italy says that within ten years the entire European Union will be Moslem     Play
January 26, 2017 President Trump, at the beginning of his administration, is moving to put his Middle East policy in place as quickly as possible because of the importance of this region of our world today     Play
January 25, 2017 Palestinians say that President Trump has declared a "Religious War" against the Palestinians and, in fact, the entire Moslem world     Play
January 24, 2017 On the very first full work day for the Trump Administration,Jerusalem was on the agenda     Play
January 23, 2017 The Inauguration of Donald Trump was a history making event, the culmination of a phenomenal campaign and election     Play
January 20, 2017 As Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, there is great division in this nation     Play
January 19, 2017 A veteran politician says that you cannot explain the election of Donald Trump politically, only Divinely     Play
January 18, 2017 Israeli leaders and the people of Israel are in a "wait and see" attitude as Donald Trump becomes President of the United States     Play
January 17, 2017 The prospects of a new United States President and better Israeli-United States relations may be cut short by Prime Minister Netanyahu no longer being the Israeli Prime Minister     Play
January 16, 2017 A political phenomenon, from a television star to the most powerful man in the world, is capped off this week with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States     Play
January 13, 2017 God set the local church in place to reach the world with His message and He has certain Biblical standards for that church     Play
January 12, 2017 Dr Rob Congdon, a Prophecy Scholar, believes that the European Union today is the infrastructure for the Revived Roman Empire as predicted in Bible Prophecy     Play
January 11, 2017 Military and political leaders in Israel say that Hizbollah, a radical terrorist organization that is driven by it's eschatology, is Israel's number one enemy     Play
January 10, 2017 The United States Congress has voted to protect the Jewish right to pray at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem     Play
January 9, 2017 The Sanhedrin, the Jewish High Court, has made a written protest to the United Nations and President Obama over the UN resolution denying Jews there right on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem     Play
January 6, 2017 There are a number of theological trends that we need to be aware of as we move into 2017     Play
January 5, 2017 Russia and Turkey have brokered a Syrian ceasefire in the five year civil war, and the United States was not included in the negotiations     Play
January 4, 2017 Russia and Turkey have brokered a Syrian ceasefire in the five year civil war, and the United States was not included in the negotiations     Play
January 3, 2017 The Palestinians say that the United Nations vote against Jewish Settlements in Israel gave the Palestinians the right to kill Israeli Jews     Play
January 2, 2017 The United Nations vote against the Jewish settlements in Israel has been rejected by the leaders of Israel     Play
December 30, 2016 Prophecy, which is the teaching of God's Prophetic Word, is in crisis and that's because present day prophecy teachers are doing what they are doing     Play
December 29, 2016 During 2016 the world has focused on the Jewish State of Israel; the settlements, the peace talks and Jerusalem, and this focus will be the same for 2017     Play
December 28, 2016 As we reflect on 2016 there have been two personalities that have impacted 2016 and will also do the same in 2017     Play
December 27, 2016 Jews around the world celebrate the eight-day, Hanukkah, Festival of Lights     Play
December 26, 2016 There are three cities key to the first coming of Jesus Christ, which actually set the stage for his second coming.     Play
December 23, 2016 Many Christians say that we should not celebrate Christmas because of its connections to pagan worship     Play
December 22, 2016 The Islamic State attack on the Coptic Church in Cairo, Egypt is only the tip of the iceberg of Christian persecution in the Middle East     Play
December 21, 2016 An expert on Electronic Magnetic Pulse weapons says that Iran is capable of striking the United States and Israel     Play
December 20, 2016 President-Elect Donal Trump promises to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Israeli leaders praise Trump for that decision     Play
December 19, 2016 World leaders are concerned about where the Syrian rebels leaving Aleppo are going, and will they continue their Islamist activities     Play
December 16, 2016 A leading preacher and a president of a southern Baptist seminary say that Calvinism is a Trojan Horse     Play
December 15, 2016 Iran is fearful as they look at a Trump Administration in Washington     Play
December 14, 2016 The large population of Judea and Samaria, in Israel, believe that God has given the Jews this land, forever     Play
December 13, 2016 Israeli's believe President Trump can bring a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a peace agreement between the two     Play
December 12, 2016 Tehran has built a theme park to train children for war     Play
December 9, 2016 There is a church that claims to teach and worship what the church proclaims, not what the Bible says     Play
December 8, 2016 The Iraqi effort to take back the city of Mosul, with it's mixed military groups, may come back with a bad outcome     Play
December 7, 2016 Though one faction of the Palestinian people present themselves as peacemakers, they are actually terrorist who want to destroy the Jewish state of Israel     Play
December 6, 2016 Islamic State is at Israel's Northern and Southern borders, threatening to attack the Jewish State     Play
December 5, 2016 As Syria Becomes the Global Stage, Russia and Iran want Permanent Military Bases There in Syria     Play
December 2, 2016 Biblical Scholars Believe that the European Union today is at least the Infrastructure for the Revived Roman Empire     Play
December 1, 2016 In the last days Satan will dispatch Evil Angels to attack Israel     Play
November 30, 2016 There is a group of scientist that believe that they have found the location of the original Noah's Ark     Play
November 29, 2016 The High Usage of Balphemous Speech That is Used Today is a Sign that the End Tines are Quickly Approaching     Play
November 28, 2016 There are Jews who say the preparations are made for the next Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and actually they could re-institute the Divine services today     Play
November 25, 2016 The Sanhedrin,the High Jewish Court, has called for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem     Play
November 24, 2016 A group of Christians from England brought Thanksgiving, a Biblical holiday, to America     Play
November 23, 2016 The Worldwide Flood some 4500 years ago is the reason that the Indians were in America when the Pilgrims arrived     Play
November 22, 2016 The Pilgrims are the Ones that Introduced the First Government Here in America     Play
November 21, 2016 In this week of Thanksgiving, remember, unthankfulness is a sign of the End Times     Play
November 18, 2016 European Union Leaders React to the Trump Victory and Their Reactions Seemingly Set the Stage for Bible Prophecy to be Fulfilled     Play
November 17, 2016 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is the First World Leader to be Invited to the White House to meet with President Trump     Play
November 16, 2016 Donald Trump As President Will Be Good For Israel     Play
November 15, 2016 Political Leaders in Russia and Iran Say it is Business as Usual Even with the Election of Donald Trump     Play
November 14, 2016 A National Christian Leader Says That The Election Has Given Christians An Opportunity To Move Forward On God's Agenda In This World Today     Play
November 11, 2016 Today Many Christian Leaders Want to Reverse the Reformation Even Though 500 Years Ago They Were Calling The Pope The Antichrist     Play
November 10, 2016 Russia's President Praises Israel's Fight Against Terrorism As He At The Same Time Fortifies His Position In The Middle East     Play
November 9, 2016 A High Ranking Iranian Military Leader Says That Iranian Agents Will Soon Be In The United States and In The European Union     Play
November 8, 2016 God Lays Out Biblical Principles That Must Direct Our Voting Agenda     Play
November 7, 2016 America Faces The Most Important Presidential Election in Many Years     Play
November 4, 2016 The Goat Head, symbol for Satanism, is found all over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem     Play
November 3, 2016 Israel is set to Celebrate the Balfour Declaration, the beginning of the Redemption of the Jewish People     Play
November 2, 2016 The Palestinian Authority is Calling for College Students to Die as Martyrs     Play
November 1, 2016 Pope Francis Says That The Land of Israel Belongs to the Jewish People     Play
October 31, 2016 The Russian Military is Preparing for a Nuclear War     Play
October 28, 2016 Many Christians are now very stressed out about the upcoming presidential election     Play
October 27, 2016 Diplomats from over three dozen nations, visited Hebron, the oldest Jewish community on earth     Play
October 26, 2016 Thousands of Jews gather at the Western Wall to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles and receive the Priestly Blessing     Play
October 25, 2016 The Iraqi Prime Minister al-Abadi is upbeat on the battle to take the city of Mosul away from Islamic state     Play
October 24, 2016 The Jews in Jerusalem stayed up all night studying God's Word, the Bible     Play
October 21, 2016 Preparations are being made for a one world false religion that will be headquartered in Rome     Play
October 20, 2016 Scientists say there were Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark some 4500 years ago     Play
October 19, 2016 The Israeli political leaders reject the United Nations vote that says the Jews have no connection to the Temple Mount     Play
October 18, 2016 As Iraq is in an offensive battle to retake Mosul, the Iraqis tell Turkey to stay out of the battle     Play
October 17, 2016 Jews in Jerusalem are living in Thatched Huts     Play
October 14, 2016 The church leaders of the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church meet in the endeavor to unite the Catholics and the Protestants     Play
October 13, 2016 Russia may be preparing to go to war with the United States     Play
October 12, 2016 Jews in Jerusalem and Around the World Stop for a 24 Hour Fast on Yom Kippur     Play
October 11, 2016 Iran has a Children's Theme Park which like the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, are now training Palestinian children to kill Jews, now also Iran is training their young people to kill Jews as well     Play
October 10, 2016 Many in the church today say that doctrine divides and love unites     Play
October 7, 2016 One of the Palestinian leaders attended the funeral for the late Shimon Peres, the others say they are happy that Peres is dead     Play
October 6, 2016 Russia marks its first anniversary of military involvement in Syria     Play
October 5, 2016 World leaders gather in Jerusalem to honor Israel’s founding father, Shimon Peres has died     Play
October 4, 2016 Israeli technicians have virtually unwrapped a burnt scroll, which sets the stage to rebuild the next Jewish Temple     Play
October 3, 2016 Jews in Jerusalem and around the world celebrate the Jewish New Year, 5777     Play
September 30, 2016 The European Union is ready to have its own military operation even as one of its member states says no to a European Union military     Play
September 29, 2016 Syria has military forces in the Golan Heights at Israel’s Northern border     Play
September 28, 2016 The World is Upside Down     Play
September 27, 2016 The United Nations General Assembly has focused on Israel and is blaming the Jewish State for all the troubles in the Middle East     Play
September 26, 2016 The British Space Agency is Mapping the Milky Way     Play
September 23, 2016 Millions of Muslims are making the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca     Play
September 22, 2016 The Untied Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon denounces Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel for his statement saying that the Palestinians are using ethnic cleansing in Israel     Play
September 21, 2016 President Tayyip Erdogan wants an Islamic Republic in Turkey     Play
September 20, 2016 Pope Francis has declared that Mother Theresa is a Saint     Play
September 19, 2016 A recent archaeological discovery proves that there was a Jewish presence on the Temple Mount, some 2,000 years ago     Play
September 16, 2016 The Temple Institute has established a school for the Priest that will be serving in the next Temple in Jerusalem     Play
September 15, 2016 Iran and Hamas are meeting to put a plan in place on how to destroy the Jewish State of Israel     Play
September 14, 2016 They say in Washington that Russia's President Vladimir Putin is stacking up more and more military and diplomatic wins     Play
September 13, 2016 Pope Frances Says that we are all children of God     Play
September 12, 2016 Iran tells Turkey to get out of Syria     Play
September 9, 2016 The Sanhedrin has Named the High Priest for the next Temple     Play
September 8, 2016 In Jerusalem there are those who claim to be descendants of King David and they want to restore the Davidic Kingdom     Play
September 7, 2016 Prime Minister Netanyahu of the State of Israel exhorts the new students, beginning their new school year, to study the Bible     Play
September 6, 2016 A number of European Union foreign ministers want to create a super president for the European Union     Play
September 5, 2016 The Palestinians are calling for unity in order to be able to destroy the state of Israel     Play
September 2, 2016 An Israeli rabbi has called for the restoration of animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem     Play
September 1, 2016 The highest ranking Moslem cleric in Saudi Arabia is calling for all churches to be destroyed     Play
August 31, 2016 A rabbi in Israel claims to be a descendant of King David and he wants to set up the Kingdom of Israel right now     Play
August 30, 2016 The perception in the Middle East is that the American superpower status is in decline     Play
August 29, 2016 Iran's supreme Islamic leader says Moslems must kill Jews and annihilate Israel and they can do that in just nine minutes     Play
August 26, 2016 Mainline churches in Amercia have started a heavenly intifada against the Jewish people     Play
August 25, 2016 A leading rabbi in Jerusalem believes the Temple will be rebuilt in his lifetime     Play
August 24, 2016 A recent survey reveals that 70% of Israeli believe they are God's chosen people     Play
August 23, 2016 The World Health Organization says that 50% of all abortions in this world are dangerous     Play
August 22, 2016 European leaders have declared war on Jewish settlers and they want Jerusalem to be divided     Play
August 19, 2016 The Doomsday Clock ticks one minute closer to Armageddon     Play
August 18, 2016 The Vatican has called for a central world bank     Play
August 17, 2016 Israel now has tangible evidence to refute those who say there never was Jewish worship on the Temple Mount     Play
August 16, 2016 The Vatican demands control of a large section of the Old City of Jerusalem     Play
August 15, 2016 As world leaders work for peace in the Middle East the current peace agreements are unraveling     Play
August 12, 2016 Jews around the world are praying for a Temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem within the next year     Play
August 11, 2016 A supercomputer has predicted and will in the future be able to predict upcoming world conflicts and revolutions     Play
August 10, 2016 A Jewish rabbi in Jerusalem is calling for Jews to stop praying at the Western Wall     Play
August 9, 2016 Palestinian officials deny the Koran in order to declare there was never a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem     Play
August 8, 2016 The social network Facebook is being used to deny the Holocaust ever happened     Play
August 5, 2016 The Israeli government is considering a bill that if made law would give Israel sovereignty over the Biblical heartland of the Jewish people     Play
August 4, 2016 After decades of decline, the number of Jews in the world has increased     Play
August 3, 2016 A conversation using the Hebrew language in 1891 set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled     Play
August 2, 2016 There has been new life discovered in the Dead Sea     Play
August 1, 2016 Jordan's King Abdullah says that the Palestinians have the promise of a better future than do the Jewish people of the state of Israel     Play
July 29, 2016 A Palestinian official says that the Bible is totally irrelevant in determining a Jewish persons right to live in his ancient homeland, Israel     Play
July 28, 2016 Churches around the world are turning against the Jewish state of Israel     Play
July 27, 2016 There are calls in Israel for a civil war between mainline Israelis and the Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria     Play
July 26, 2016 The age of America will soon come to an end     Play
July 25, 2016 Palestinians are demanding that Youtube take down a video that reveals the truth about the Temple Mount in Jerusalem     Play
July 22, 2016 Jordan's King Abdullah says resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not possible, which could put Israel in a dangerous situation     Play
July 21, 2016 The confusion in the financial markets is making way for a one world currency     Play
July 20, 2016 The terrorist organization Hamas is training children to become terrorists in summer camps     Play
July 19, 2016 An Israeli lawmaker says there is a Palestinian state in Jordan and there is no need for one in Israel     Play
July 18, 2016 Iraq is becoming the new destination for adventurist tourists     Play
July 15, 2016 Jordan's ambassador to the United States says that Jerusalem is a ticking time bomb     Play
July 14, 2016 The social network Facebook is being used to call for the total destruction of the Jewish state of Israel     Play
July 13, 2016 A Jewish rabbi has called for the Jewish settlers to take up arms against Jewish soldiers     Play
July 12, 2016 The leader of the nation of Islam says Jews are a cover for Satan     Play
July 11, 2016 Russia's military is launching its biggest rearmament since Soviet times     Play
July 8, 2016 An Islamic cleric in Israel says that he would rather die than to see the rebuilding of a Jewish temple in Israel     Play
July 7, 2016 Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, has called on Moslems to remove the United States from the Islamic world     Play
July 6, 2016 A high ranking Islamic terrorist claims that China and India will replace the United States as the superpowers in this world     Play
July 5, 2016 The Islamic organization of al Qaeda says that all Middle Eastern Christians are legitimate targets     Play
July 4, 2016 As we celebrate the birthday of the United States, the question of America's place in Bible prophecy can be answered     Play
July 1, 2016 Two global strategists, both advisors to President Obama, call for the United States to break ties with Israel     Play
June 30, 2016 Christians are under attack in the Middle East and are being killed because of their faith     Play
June 29, 2016 Hamas, in the Gaza Strip, is training women to be suicide bombers     Play
June 28, 2016 Middle East archaeologists are hoping to save the ruins of the biblical Tower of Babel     Play
June 27, 2016 The Temple Institute is working to produce a Red Heifer so that they can rebuild the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem     Play
June 24, 2016 The most popular religion in the US is Judaism     Play
June 23, 2016 Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, has identified two-thirds of the Jews that were murdered in the Holocaust     Play
June 22, 2016 Jerusalem is declared the eternal capital of Israel by the prime minister and confirmed by the Israel Knesset     Play
June 21, 2016 There are reports that the Dead Sea could dry up in the next several years - but there may be a solution     Play
June 20, 2016 The Palestinian government says that Jewish people have no right to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where they now go to pray 3 times every day     Play
June 17, 2016 A Hamas leader says that Jews will soon be expelled from all of Israel     Play
June 16, 2016 On an Israeli news site the headline read, new immigrants fulfill prophecy of the ingathering of the Jewish people     Play
June 15, 2016 The Mufti of Jerusalem says that Israeli control of Hebron, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem could start a religious war     Play
June 14, 2016 A survey reveals less than 10% of all born-again Christians look at the world with a biblical perspective     Play
June 13, 2016 Almost half of the population of Israel wants to see the holy temple rebuilt in Jerusalem     Play
June 10, 2016 Jews in Jerusalem and around the world spend all night studying the Bible     Play
June 9, 2016 Google, the great information highway, is saying you can trust them with all of your personal information     Play
June 8, 2016 The US has questioned its unwavering support of Israel in recent days     Play
June 7, 2016 A Dutch political leader says that Jordan should change its name to Palestine     Play
June 6, 2016 Israeli's view President Obama as pro-Arab and one rabbi says that the United States President is not the Almighty     Play
June 3, 2016 Jerusalem Day in Israel is a time for the Jews to celebrate the reunification of this holy city     Play
June 2, 2016