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Prophecy Poll
Do you believe that the Islamic world wants to take over the government of the United States as a part of the Islamic dominion of this world, and will they do it before the prophetic scenario that is found in Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83 and Daniel 11 is actually fulfilled?
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Date Program Topic MP3
November 12, 2018 President Trump reimposes sanctions on Iran     Play
November 9, 2018 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the Biblical answer to the phenomenon of a transgender lifestyle     Play
November 8, 2018 The movie, "Sabotage" is revealing "useful idiots"     Play
November 7, 2018 The worst attack on a Jewish synagogue in U.S. history has caused synagogues to become fortresses here in the United States and in the European Union     Play
November 6, 2018 Russia warns Israel of military action if Syria is attacked     Play
November 5, 2018 The United States and the Middle East nations are bracing themselves for the sanctions that will be reimplemented on Iran     Play
November 2, 2018 A so-called sex expert says that biology does not support a literal interpretation of the creation of Adam and Eve as recorded in Genesis 1     Play
November 1, 2018 European Jews are setting red lines for their votes in the upcoming election for the European Parliament     Play
October 31, 2018 There are those who are questioning the authenticity of the Dead Sea Scrolls because of fake fragments of these scrolls that have been revealed     Play
October 30, 2018 There is a report that the Trump peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will include Jerusalem as the capital city for both the Jewish and Palestinian states     Play
October 29, 2018 Persecution of Christians is happening today in Iraq     Play
October 26, 2018 Beware of false teachers teaching Bible prophecy in our day     Play
October 25, 2018 The European Union is calling for the Palestinians to stop firing rockets toward Israel     Play
October 24, 2018 There are reports which say that President Trumps peace plan for the Israelis and the Palestinians will call for two Palestinian states     Play
October 23, 2018 Israeli tanks have been seen moving towards the Gaza Strip     Play
October 22, 2018 The murder of a journalist in a Saudi Arabian consulate will have ramifications politically and prophetically     Play
October 19, 2018 There are prophecy conference that may be dangerous to your Biblical understanding of God's plan for the future?     Play
October 18, 2018 Is global warming responsible for the recent disastrous hurricanes here in America?     Play
October 17, 2018 Tony Blair says that there could be another referendum on Brexit; Brexit, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union     Play
October 16, 2018 President Trumps Middle East Peace Plan will include, not one, but two Palestinian states     Play
October 15, 2018 There is a focus on Turkey; a Pastor has been released and the murder of a journalist, with a number of questions on both issues     Play
October 12, 2018 How did the United States Senate do with their responsibility of advise and consent for a Supreme Court Justice?     Play
October 11, 2018 The Oslo Accords, the Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty some 25 years later, is today being used by the Palestinians in their effort to destroy the Jewish state of Israel     Play
October 10, 2018 After a Russian warning, Israel is rethinking it's strategy with Syria     Play
October 9, 2018 There is now tangible evidence that the Israeli Prime Minister was right when he revealed a secret nuclear warehouse in Tehran, Iran     Play
October 8, 2018 Jewish Priest in Jerusalem performed a very important Temple ritual, the Water Libation     Play
October 5, 2018 Mega-church Pastor, Andy Stanley, says that the Ten Commandments have no application for the church today     Play
October 4, 2018 The leader of the labor party in Great Britain says that if elected as Prime Minister he will recognize a Palestinian State     Play
October 3, 2018 At the United Nations General Assembly the Israeli Prime Minister revealed a secret nuclear site in Iran     Play
October 2, 2018 Russia and Israel are on a collision course in Syria     Play
October 1, 2018 Tens of thousands of Jewish worshippers and Christian pilgrims recently gathered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem for the annual Priestly Blessing     Play
September 28, 2018 Holiness is not a set or rules that we must follow     Play
September 27, 2018 Iranian leaders say it is time for Israel to say goodbye     Play
September 26, 2018 Russia warns Israel about shooting down Russian aircraft     Play
September 25, 2018 An attempt is being made to stop the President of the Palestinian Authority from entering the United States     Play
September 24, 2018 The Jews remember that 40 year period of time that they were wandering in the wilderness by living in a succa for 7 days     Play
September 21, 2018 Parents are not Biblically preparing their children to face the world today     Play
September 20, 2018 The world is in a "cold war" today, but what does that mean?     Play
September 19, 2018 Jews in Jerusalem and Around the World Stop for a 24 Hour Fast on Yom Kippur     Play
September 18, 2018 The Oslo Accords, a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians, is actually setting the stage for the appearance of the antichrist     Play
September 17, 2018 The unstable Iraqi government is actually setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled     Play
September 14, 2018 Israel today is proof of God's plan for Israel tomorrow     Play
September 13, 2018 During the Fall Jewish Feasts days no Jews will be allowed onto the Temple Mount     Play
September 12, 2018 The axis of evil met in Iran to plan the fate of Syria     Play
September 11, 2018 A red heifer has been born in Israel, it's key to the rebuilding of the next Jewish Temple     Play
September 10, 2018 Jews in Israel go to the Temple Mount to celebrate the Jewish New year, the time of creation, and to blow their shofars in honor for God's plan for humankind     Play
September 7, 2018 President Trump held a state dinner at the White House recently for the evangelical religious leaders of America     Play
September 6, 2018 There is talk in the Catholic Church that the Pope may resign or be forced out     Play
September 5, 2018 The French President Macron says that the European Union must have its own military with help from Russia, not America     Play
September 4, 2018 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, while in Lithuania, warned of another Holocaust and said that it could come very soon     Play
September 3, 2018 Russia will hold military war games and China will join them in these military exercises     Play
August 31, 2018 When you knock down the Biblical barriers of homosexuality, anything goes     Play
August 30, 2018 China is on the rise, economically and militarily, and if you add Russia to that mix you have a dangerous world     Play
August 29, 2018 Iran is pressuring the European Union to speed up their plan to save the Iranian Nuclear Deal     Play
August 28, 2018 Hamas, the Islamic terror group in the GAza strip, says they will liberate Jerusalem     Play
August 27, 2018 Russia and China are playing a key role in Syria today and will do so in the future as well     Play
August 24, 2018 Prayer mapping is not Biblical and it is demonic     Play
August 23, 2018 The Mediterrean Union is key to the prophetic scenario found in God's word for the end times     Play
August 22, 2018 The Palestinian people want the United Nations to expel Israel because they believe they are a Jewish state     Play
August 21, 2018 Hezbollah, a terrorist organization in Lebanon is ready to go to war with Israel,; but first they want to assassinate the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu     Play
August 20, 2018 Islamic State is not dead and could be revived very quickly     Play
August 17, 2018 The United States is not a Christian nation     Play
August 16, 2018 The European Union is criticizing the United States for its sanctions on Iran     Play
August 15, 2018 Is the United States in Bible prophecy?     Play
August 14, 2018 President Trump is ready to reveal his peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict     Play
August 13, 2018 Israel reveals top secret information about Syria who is building a very large army     Play
August 10, 2018 False prophets today are distorting current events to mislead true Christians in the last days, a perfect example the blood moons and earthquakes in Israel     Play
August 9, 2018 Pope Francis wants to unite all the churches of this world     Play
August 8, 2018 Brexit, the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union, is being compared to Armegeddon     Play
August 7, 2018 Hamas, the terrorist organization, is calling for all Jews to be killed     Play
August 6, 2018 President Trump is headed for a summit with President Rouhani of Iran     Play
August 3, 2018 The homosexual community has an agenda that they are advancing through sex education classes in public schools     Play
August 2, 2018 The European Parliament may bring down the entire European Union     Play
August 1, 2018 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is heating up as both parties focus on the most sacred piece of real estate in the world, the Temple Mount     Play
July 31, 2018 Israel has turned down an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit in Russia     Play
July 30, 2018 Iran tells America they could see the "mother of all wars"     Play
July 27, 2018 To understand the Bible and God's plan for the future, you must visit the land of Israel     Play
July 26, 2018 Iran is supplying weapons to terrorist organizations in both the south of Israel and the north of Israel     Play
July 25, 2018 Syrian military forces have moved within 2 1/2 miles of Israel's Northern Border     Play
July 24, 2018 Russia and China are in a dual cold war with America     Play
July 23, 2018 Jewish people around the world have been mourning the destruction of two Jewish Temples     Play
July 20, 2018 Many Christians do not have a Biblical, prophetic world view     Play
July 19, 2018 A result of President Trumps exhortation at the NATO Summit is that the European Union will move to build their own military     Play
July 18, 2018 A top Iranian General is in Syria waiting for the order to enter Israel and eradicate the Jewish state     Play
July 17, 2018 The Trump-Putin Summit was very important as it relates to the events of the Middle East in the future     Play
July 16, 2018 Even before the Trump-Putin Summit the Russian President spoke with a number of world leaders for meeting President Trump     Play
July 13, 2018 The Israeli government says there are now more Jews living in Israel then there are living in the United States and this has a prophetic significance     Play
July 12, 2018 Prince William, of the British Royal family, after his first visit to Israel, says that he wants to bring a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict     Play
July 11, 2018 Russia says that an Iranian pullout from Syria is very unrealistic     Play
July 10, 2018 Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with U.S. President Donald Trump, but first Putin will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Jordanian King Abdullah     Play
July 9, 2018 Today here in America the United States government will kill 1200 children because of the Roe Vs Wade decision by the United States Supreme Court     Play
July 6, 2018 President Trump has the privilege and responsibility to name a replacement for the retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy     Play
July 5, 2018 Israel wants sovereignty over the Golan Heights which God actually gave to the Jewish people some 3500 years ago     Play
July 4, 2018 As we celebrate the birthday of the United States, the question of America's place in Bible prophecy can be answered     Play
July 3, 2018 An ongoing war in the Middle East could become a major world war very quickly     Play
July 2, 2018 President Trump and President Putin will have a Summit meeting in mid-July     Play
June 29, 2018 People are going up onto the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, denying Jesus Christ and making a vow to the Noahic Covenant     Play
June 28, 2018 Russia will soon have a Doomsday Monster Bomb     Play
June 27, 2018 During the 70th Birthday Year of Israel, Prince William will be the first British Royal to visit the Jewish State in its 70 year history     Play
June 26, 2018 The worst kept secret in military preparedness is that Israel has a nuclear weapon of mass destruction     Play
June 25, 2018 The European Union wants to save the failed Iranian nuclear deal for economic reasons     Play
June 22, 2018 There are major issues that the Southern Baptist Convention must consider for the future     Play
June 21, 2018 The president of Turkey is fighting for his political life     Play
June 20, 2018 Evacuation of the Jewish settlements could lead to a civil war in Israel     Play
June 19, 2018 Before Kim Jong-un met with President Trump the leaders of China and Russia met with the North Korean leader to mentor this young leader on how to handle President Trump     Play
June 18, 2018 The Islamic radical Turkish leader is in a fight for his political life     Play
June 15, 2018 It's being reported that we are in a post-Biblical era in Christianity     Play
June 14, 2018 Ten nations in the European Union are ready, at his time, to form an army     Play
June 13, 2018 When the Israeli Defense Force took the Temple Mount during the Six Day War it was a major step in the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem     Play
June 12, 2018 Iran is demanding that the Islamic terror groups attack Israel at its Southern border and its Northern border     Play
June 11, 2018 The world is watching the Trump-Kim Summit to see what will happen     Play
June 8, 2018 What Christians need to know about Islam and its Eschatology     Play
June 7, 2018 The Palestinians are packaging terror as a propaganda ploy     Play
June 6, 2018 Two Israeli cabinet members have suggested that Israel retake the Gaza Strip     Play
June 5, 2018 Iran orders the Palestinians to attack Israel     Play
June 4, 2018 Russia and China may hinder the United State-North Korean Summit     Play
June 1, 2018 The pope recently said that God makes homosexuals and then He blesses them     Play
May 31, 2018 It has been said that Donald Trump is the most "Right to Life" President that our country has ever seen     Play
May 30, 2018 Both the United States and Iran have declared war against each other     Play
May 29, 2018 The United States placing tough sanctions on Iran will not change the prophetic scenario for this Islamic State     Play
May 28, 2018 China and Russia are the reason for the confusion surrounding the United State-North Korean Summit     Play
May 25, 2018 There are some Christians that believe Jews do not have to come through Jesus Christ to be saved     Play
May 24, 2018 A high ranking Islamic Cleric is the "kingmaker" in the Iraqi elections     Play
May 23, 2018 With Turkey in the mix of Islamic nations aligning themselves against the Jewish state of Israel, it is a deadly game     Play
May 22, 2018 The world needs to know the truth behind the Nakba Day conflict at Israel's border and the Gaza Strip     Play
May 21, 2018 Christians had an influence in the move ot the US Embassy to Jerusalem     Play
May 18, 2018 Jerusalem is not only the political capitol of the state of Israel but it is the universal capitol as well, and that is forever     Play
May 17, 2018 Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the earth     Play
May 16, 2018 Iran is demanding that the European Union guarantee the Iranian Nuclear deal     Play
May 15, 2018 It’s Israel’s 70th Birthday and history is made as the US Embassy is moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem     Play
May 14, 2018 World leaders say that the rebirth of the Jewish State of Israel is a Miracle     Play
May 11, 2018 Persia, modern day Iran, has been a friend to the Jewish people some 2500 years ago, but today they want to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth     Play
May 10, 2018 The Palestinians at the Gaza border will remember their "Day of Catastrophe" at the end of their "March of Return"     Play
May 9, 2018 Russia is dividing it's military between the Ukraine and Syria     Play
May 8, 2018 Israel is ready to attack Iran on two different fronts; in Syria and in Tehran     Play
May 7, 2018 The Israeli Prime Minister reveals the "Iranian Nuclear Deception"     Play
May 4, 2018 It is essential that all Christians have a "Biblical Worldview"     Play
May 3, 2018 Iran is escalating a conflict with Israel     Play
May 2, 2018 Islam is the greatest persecuter of Chistians in our world today     Play
May 1, 2018 Prime Minister Netanyahu tells the world that Iran lied about its nuclear program     Play
April 30, 2018 What is a "Biblical World View" and why do we need to have one?     Play
April 27, 2018 The recent 70th Birthday of the Jewish State of Israel is a reminder of God's plan for the Jewish people     Play
April 26, 2018 Russia has now aligned itself with Syria and Iran to prepare an attack on Israel     Play
April 25, 2018 The rebirth of the Jewish State of Israel and the reality of the European Union has a prophetic significance     Play
April 24, 2018 A high ranking Iranian General says that the time has been set for the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel     Play
April 23, 2018 The 70th Birthday of Israel is tangible evidence that Bible prophecy has been fulfilled     Play
April 20, 2018 What is the Christian Biblical view of war today?     Play
April 19, 2018 The highest ranking Palestinian Muslim Cleric declares that any Palestinian who sells his land to Jewish people could face the death penalty     Play
April 18, 2018 A "murder machine" prepared a people for God's promised land to those people     Play
April 17, 2018 In light of the US-led attack on Syria's chemical weapons use, Vladimir Putin tells Prime Minister Netanyahu to stay our of Syria     Play
April 16, 2018 The US-led military attack on Syrian chemical weapons has sent a signal to Syria, Russia, Iran, the entire Middle East, and in fact the entire world     Play
April 13, 2018 There are places of judgment which will house those without Jesus Christ as their Savior after death     Play
April 12, 2018 Pope Francis is calling Jesus Christ a Liar     Play
April 11, 2018 The chief of Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency, says that he is 100% sure that Iran is making a nuclear weapon of mass destruction     Play
April 10, 2018 The Palestinian "March of Return" is based upon Palestinian lies     Play
April 7, 2018 Is the Palestinian protest at Israel's border a propaganda ploy or a power play?     Play
April 6, 2018 There are Biblical principles that Christians can use as it relates to gun control     Play
April 5, 2018 Kim 3rd, leader of North Korea, will not be able to snooker President Trump     Play
April 4, 2018 An Israeli F-35 stealth fighter jet, in fact two of them, have entered Iranian air space, undetected     Play
April 3, 2018 There is a part of the Jewish celebration of Passover, during the Seder period, when Jews are reminded of the coming of the Messiah and His Second Coming     Play
April 2, 2018 Hundreds and thousands of Jews from around the world have flocked to Jerusalem for Passover and to see the Jewish priests perform the Jewish sacrifices     Play
March 30, 2018 As the Supreme Court considers a California case on abortion we must remember that the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision was based on fake news     Play
March 29, 2018 The demonization of Vladimir Putin may have been the factor that gave Putin another six years as president of Russia     Play
March 28, 2018 What does the re-election of Vladimir Putin as president of Russia mean to the Jewish State of Israel     Play
March 27, 2018 The Israel officials have released a report on an air strike on Syria to warn Iran     Play
March 26, 2018 To some, the appointment of John Bolton by President Trump as his National Security Advisor, is an answer to prayer     Play
March 23, 2018 There is a controversy over the use of the term evangelicalism in the church community today     Play
March 22, 2018 Stephen Hawking has passed away, he was a brilliant man but did not have wisdom     Play
March 21, 2018 The Palestinians say that they have a peace plan that they want the Israeli's to consider     Play
March 20, 2018 The Saudi Crown Prince says that if Iran gets nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia will acquire Nuclear weapons of mass destruction as well     Play
March 19, 2018 There is tension between the European Union and Russia as highlighted by the Russian spy that was poisoned in Great Britain     Play
March 16, 2018 Many ivy league schools , including Harvard, have stepped away from their original purpose to train preachers     Play
March 15, 2018 A space craft probe of Jupiter is revealing amazing information that is evidence of God's plan for the future     Play
March 14, 2018 The White House Meeting between President Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu may have been the deciding factor for President Trump to fire his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson     Play
March 13, 2018 Islamic leaders are calling for Jews to be killed in Israel and the United States     Play
March 12, 2018 The potential for a President Trump and President Kim from North Korea meeting face-to-face in nuclear talks, is a viable possibility     Play
March 9, 2018 The term Messianic Jew is not Biblical and does not define a people     Play
March 8, 2018 The mufti of the Palestinian Authority says that if the United States moves its embassy to Jerusalem there will be a disastrous war     Play
March 7, 2018 Israel is preparing to go to war at it's northern border     Play
March 6, 2018 Russia is simply a gas station with nuclear weapons     Play
March 5, 2018 The United States Ambassador to Israel has warned that if the Jewish settlements are evacuated there could be a civil war     Play
March 2, 2018 The disgraced minister, Jim Baker, is now using a wrong eschatology to sell survival merchandise     Play
March 1, 2018 The Jewish people celebrate a victory over a "one minute to midnight" moment     Play
February 28, 2018 If transgenders are allowed to serve in the US military there is no evidence as to how they would contribute to the readiness of the US military     Play
February 27, 2018 The United States Ambassador to Israel says that if forced to evacuate the Jewish settlements, it will spark a Civil War in Israel     Play
February 26, 2018 The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tells Iran that Israel will attack Iran, if need be     Play
February 23, 2018 In light of the Florida school shooting people are asking the question why God did not create a perfect world     Play
February 22, 2018 The Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan wants to revive the old Ottoman Empire     Play
February 21, 2018 Palestinians reject the United States as leaders of the peace process and they turned to the European Union and Russia and found a dead end     Play
February 20, 2018 The Israeli Prime Minister says that he is discussing with the White House making Judea and Samaria a part of the State of Israel, meanwhile the White House says that is not correct     Play
February 19, 2018 Russia says it will protect Israel if the Jewish state is attacked by Iran     Play
February 16, 2018 Many evangelical Christians are turning to Theistic Evolution for their understanding of the origins of man     Play
February 15, 2018 The European Union says that Israel must share the City of Jerusalem with the Palestinians, the Prime Minister of Israel says that will not happen     Play
February 14, 2018 There are mixed reports out of Syria that a Russian-United States conflict could escalate     Play
February 13, 2018 Even though North Korea is at the Olympics it is as dangerous as it has ever been     Play
February 12, 2018 There is evidence that the United States and Russia may get involved in the Israeli Iranian conflict that is now going on in Syria     Play
February 9, 2018 Why has the church stopped teaching the proper Biblical approach to the understanding of the end times?     Play
February 8, 2018 The doomsday clock is now set at two minutes to a catastrophe on doomsday     Play
February 7, 2018 President Donald Trump is making political decisions that will set the prophetic scenario of the end times in place     Play
February 6, 2018 The Israeli Prime Minister visited President Vladimir Putin in Russia and then a Russian delegation visited Israel     Play
February 5, 2018 Will World War Three Begin in Outer Space?     Play
February 2, 2018 A major aspect of the Christian lifestyle is integrity     Play
February 1, 2018 Two hundred and fifteen million Christians are being persecuted all across the world and mostly by Moslems     Play
January 31, 2018 The Palestinian people are rejecting the Palestinian leadership who are calling for violence     Play
January 30, 2018 President Trump says no Palestinian participation in the peace process means no US funding for the Palestinians     Play
January 29, 2018 The United States Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech to the Israeli Knesset, heard around the world from Jerusalem     Play
January 26, 2018 Why are there so many different interpretations of the Bible?     Play
January 25, 2018 The Arab Spring turning 7 years old, is still in operation     Play
January 24, 2018 The leaders of the Palestinian people say that President Trump is an evil man     Play
January 23, 2018 2018 is the 70th Birthday of the Jewish State of Israel but there maybe trouble ahead for this nation     Play
January 22, 2018 The European Union says that Israel must share the City of Jerusalem with the Palestinians, the Prime Minister of Israel says that will not happen     Play
January 19, 2018 Signs, wonders and miracles are not for today, but for the Tribulation Period     Play
January 18, 2018 Scientists are reporting a mysterious sound that is coming to earth from some three billion light years away     Play
January 17, 2018 The Iranian demonstrators may allow the tens of thousands of Iranian Christians to surface and help bring down the Islamic Republic     Play
January 16, 2018 One of our broadcast partners here on Prophecy Today addressed the European Parliament on the subject of the Iranian demonstrations     Play
January 15, 2018 A false alarm on a missile attack on Hawaii makes the world aware of a potential North Korean missile attack     Play
January 12, 2018 The Bible, God's Word, is key to our proper lifestyle for the New Year     Play
January 11, 2018 The Roman Church says that the Virgin Mary was born without sin, lived a sinless life and never died, she just went into heaven     Play