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Prophecy Poll
As you study the prophetic Word of God, do you see trends in our world today, and into 2019, that seem to be conforming to the prophetic scenario that is found in the Bible; and if these trends are fulfilled do you believe it will bring about the Rapture, which happens prior to the Tribulation and the Second Coming of Christ?
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Date Program Topic MP3
March 22, 2019 Persecution of Christians is happening around the world, even in so-called Christian nations     Play
March 21, 2019 The exit of Great Britain from the European Union may set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled     Play
March 20, 2019 The Palestinian Media is telling Palestinian children that Israel will soon disappear     Play
March 19, 2019 Hamas has fired rockets at Tel Aviv and the Israeli Air Force has responded     Play
March 18, 2019 Syria says that they will attack Israel unless Israel withdraws from the Golan Heights     Play
March 15, 2019 The incarnation of Jesus Christ is the greatest proof against abortion     Play
March 14, 2019 Teresa May has lost another parliamentary vote in a battle for Brexit     Play
March 13, 2019 Israeli and Jordanian officials are discussing the presence of a Jewish Synagogue along with the five mosques that are already on the Temple Mount     Play
March 12, 2019 The Russians and the United States are vying to hold the peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians     Play
March 11, 2019 An Iranian military leader has outlined a plan to defeat world powers     Play
March 8, 2019 President Trump wants to decriminalize homosexuality but he says it is a part of a political strategy     Play
March 7, 2019 Pope Francis called a church summit on a church-wide sexual scandal     Play
March 6, 2019 The Israeli Attorney General intends to indict the Israeli Prime Minister     Play
March 5, 2019 The Palestinians are calling for the European Union to be involved in the Middle East peace process     Play
March 4, 2019 Russia joins forces in Libya to ratchet up chaos in this war torn nation     Play
March 1, 2019 The Bible says that evangelizing lost people is not a suggestion, but a mandate     Play
February 28, 2019 Evolution is not scientific fact, it is a theory     Play
February 27, 2019 President Trump has signed an Executive Order that has prophetic significance     Play
February 26, 2019 The Palestinians are clashing with Israeli secutiry at the Golden Gate, or you may know it as the Eastern Gate, where the Palestinians are being kept from worshippingo at this sacred spot     Play
February 25, 2019 Turkish President Erdogan is trying to form an Islamic Army out of the 61 Islamic Nations     Play
February 22, 2019 The worlds two largest religions have signed an agreement, of partnership, that sets the stage for the end times     Play
February 21, 2019 Iran is preparing another holocaust for Israel     Play
February 20, 2019 The Trump peace plan calls for a Palestinian State made up of portions of the Jewish settlements     Play
February 19, 2019 Vladimir Putin is on the march in the Middle East     Play
February 18, 2019 Two international conferences have been held to focus on how to deal with the Iranian threat in our world today, one sponsored by the United States in Warsaw and the other led by Russia from Moscow     Play
February 15, 2019 The Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures presented Jesus Christ as the Savior for the first century Jewish converts to Christianity     Play
February 14, 2019 Pope Francis wants to unite Islam and the Catholic church     Play
February 13, 2019 Iran has become a threat to the European Union     Play
February 12, 2019 Many Israeli leaders are calling for two million Jews to live in Judea and Samaria, which is disputed territories     Play
February 11, 2019 After 40 years as an Islamic Republic, Iran is a danger to most of the world today     Play
February 8, 2019 Two States in this United States of America say it is alright to kill children     Play
February 7, 2019 A Palestinian leader calls for the Palestinians to count the Jews and kill them, one by one     Play
February 6, 2019 The United Nations sponsored the International Holocaust Remembrance Day     Play
February 5, 2019 The political climate in Israel is heating up with a debate over Jerusalem the main focus     Play
February 4, 2019 Russia wants the United States to speed up their exit from Syria but Russia will not push Iran back from the Israeli border     Play
February 1, 2019 Lady Gaga has attacked the Vice-President on his stand on homosexuality     Play
January 31, 2019 The European Union is putting pressure on the Palestinian people to hold elections     Play
January 30, 2019 There is a rush for true archaeologist to find more Dead Sea Scrolls in Israel before the robbers steal the Dead Sea Scrolls for their own financial gain     Play
January 29, 2019 Russia has told Israel to stop all air strikes on Iranian targets in Syria     Play
January 28, 2019 Syria threatens to attack Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, and Iran says they are ready to destroy the Jewish State of Israel, is this the beginning of World War Three     Play
January 25, 2019 The Gospel must not be watered down, but it must be relevant     Play
January 24, 2019 The European Union claims to be a veritable Tower of Babel     Play
January 23, 2019 Palestinians are racist because they don't want Jews on the Temple Mount     Play
January 22, 2019 According to leaked information on the Trump peace plan, this plan will be a non-starter for the Israeli government     Play
January 21, 2019 Israel is ready to go to an all-out war to stop Iran     Play
January 18, 2019 A major aspect of the Christian lifestyle is integrity     Play
January 17, 2019 The recent vote in the United Kingdom parliament sets in place a plan for prophecy to be fulfilled     Play
January 16, 2019 The controversial Jewish settlements are absolute evidence of God's plan for the Jewish people, an eternal plan     Play
January 15, 2019 The two factions of the Palestinian body politic, Hamas and Fatah, are involved in a bloody civil war     Play
January 14, 2019 Turkey, Iran and Russia are forming a coalition to go against the United States and Israel     Play
January 11, 2019 Signs, wonders and miracles are not for today, but for the Tribulation Period     Play
January 10, 2019 Scientist have flown a space vehicle to the farthest point in space that man has been able to observe     Play
January 9, 2019 In 2019, the European Union may reduce its membership to 10 states     Play
January 8, 2019 The Israeli Prime Minister may reject the Trump Peace Plan for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict     Play
January 7, 2019 As the United States pulls its military forces out of Syria, that vacancy will be filled with Arab military forces     Play
January 4, 2019 Christians must reflect on issues that they confronted in 2018, and adjust for 2019     Play
January 3, 2019 Hamas, A Palestinian Terror Group, is 31 years old and more determined then ever to wipe Israel off the face of the earth     Play
January 2, 2019 The longest reigning Prime Minister of Israel has called for early elections in the New Year     Play
January 1, 2019 Jerusalem and the Palestinians in 2018; A Year in Review     Play
December 31, 2018 2018: A Middle East Year in Review     Play
December 28, 2018 In the book of Genesis we find the first prophecies of the Messiah, Jesus Christ     Play
December 27, 2018 There is concern across the world about President Trumps pullout of US troops in Syria     Play
December 26, 2018 A Pastor in Jerusalem, who forgets the date for Christmas, presents the Messiah to the Jewish people     Play
December 25, 2018 There has been a miraculous mysterious birth reported to have taken place in a shepherd's field near Bethlehem in Israel     Play
December 24, 2018 Bethlehem is the city of the birth of Christ and also the border of conflict     Play
December 21, 2018 How does a true, Bible believing, born again Christian deal with the issue of transgenderism     Play
December 20, 2018 The Jews in the European Union are afraid of the rise in anti-semitism in Europe today     Play
December 19, 2018 Because of the move of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem many other nations are making that same move     Play
December 18, 2018 Iran may go nuclear so that they can take over the entire Middle East, but Israel will stop that from happening     Play
December 17, 2018 The Sanhedrin in Jerusalem has dedicated the altar that will be used in the next Temple     Play
December 14, 2018 Most evangelicals believe that the true, Biblical God accetps the worship of all religions     Play
December 13, 2018 The Palestinians want to steal from the Jewish people their prized Dead Sea Scrolls     Play
December 12, 2018 The Israeli Defense Force, in a military operation, "Northern Shield", is at the Israeli-Lebanese border to stop Hezbollah from coming into Israel and trying to attack the Galilee     Play
December 11, 2018 Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened a nuclear arms race with America     Play
December 10, 2018 Jews and Christians come together to focus on the importance of the Temple Mount     Play
December 7, 2018 Some evangelical leaders are becoming "political puppets' which they may find out is not going to end well     Play
December 6, 2018 The European Union is attacking Iran for its anti-Semitism     Play
December 5, 2018 Iranian leaders say they will kill more Jews in just seconds then were killed in all of World War II     Play
December 4, 2018 The story of Hanukkah looks at the past and the future     Play
December 3, 2018 The Iranian President Rouhani says that Israel is a cancerous tumor that must be removed     Play
November 30, 2018 The high usage of blasphemous speech that is so prevalent today is a sign that the End Times are quickly approaching     Play
November 29, 2018 In the Last Days Satan will dispatch evil angels to attack Israel     Play
November 28, 2018 There is a group of scientist that believe that they have found the location of the original Noah's Ark     Play
November 27, 2018 There are Jews who say the preperations are made for the next Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, and actually they could re-institute the Divine services today     Play
November 26, 2018 The Israeli Defense Force is preparing to destroy the Palestinian people of today     Play
November 23, 2018 God's love and care for the Jewish people is a guarantee of that same kind of love and care for Christians today     Play
November 22, 2018 Vladimir Putin and Bibi Netanyahu held a strained conversation in Paris France recently     Play
November 21, 2018 Russia is increasing it's power and influence in the Middle East today thru relations with the Palestinians , the Syrians and the Iranians's     Play
November 20, 2018 The French president says that the European Union needs an army to protect the EU from Russia, China and the United States     Play
November 19, 2018 The potential for a third Gaza War may be leading to the battle to destroy Amalek     Play
November 16, 2018 This world is hungering for peace even as a pseudo peace is about to appear     Play
November 15, 2018 An EMP attack on America could kill 90% of America's population within a year     Play
November 14, 2018 President Macron of France is pushing for a European Union army to replace NATO     Play
November 13, 2018 Church's which teach replacement theology are setting the stage for millions of Jews to be killed     Play
November 12, 2018 President Trump reimposes sanctions on Iran     Play
November 9, 2018 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the Biblical answer to the phenomenon of a transgender lifestyle     Play
November 8, 2018 The movie, "Sabotage" is revealing "useful idiots"     Play
November 7, 2018 The worst attack on a Jewish synagogue in U.S. history has caused synagogues to become fortresses here in the United States and in the European Union     Play
November 6, 2018 Russia warns Israel of military action if Syria is attacked     Play
November 5, 2018 The United States and the Middle East nations are bracing themselves for the sanctions that will be reimplemented on Iran     Play
November 2, 2018 A so-called sex expert says that biology does not support a literal interpretation of the creation of Adam and Eve as recorded in Genesis 1     Play
November 1, 2018 European Jews are setting red lines for their votes in the upcoming election for the European Parliament     Play
October 31, 2018 There are those who are questioning the authenticity of the Dead Sea Scrolls because of fake fragments of these scrolls that have been revealed     Play
October 30, 2018 There is a report that the Trump peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will include Jerusalem as the capital city for both the Jewish and Palestinian states     Play
October 29, 2018 Persecution of Christians is happening today in Iraq     Play
October 26, 2018 Beware of false teachers teaching Bible prophecy in our day     Play
October 25, 2018 The European Union is calling for the Palestinians to stop firing rockets toward Israel     Play
October 24, 2018 There are reports which say that President Trumps peace plan for the Israelis and the Palestinians will call for two Palestinian states     Play
October 23, 2018 Israeli tanks have been seen moving towards the Gaza Strip     Play
October 22, 2018 The murder of a journalist in a Saudi Arabian consulate will have ramifications politically and prophetically     Play
October 19, 2018 There are prophecy conference that may be dangerous to your Biblical understanding of God's plan for the future?     Play
October 18, 2018 Is global warming responsible for the recent disastrous hurricanes here in America?     Play
October 17, 2018 Tony Blair says that there could be another referendum on Brexit; Brexit, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union     Play
October 16, 2018 President Trumps Middle East Peace Plan will include, not one, but two Palestinian states     Play
October 15, 2018 There is a focus on Turkey; a Pastor has been released and the murder of a journalist, with a number of questions on both issues     Play
October 12, 2018 How did the United States Senate do with their responsibility of advise and consent for a Supreme Court Justice?     Play
October 11, 2018 The Oslo Accords, the Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty some 25 years later, is today being used by the Palestinians in their effort to destroy the Jewish state of Israel     Play
October 10, 2018 After a Russian warning, Israel is rethinking it's strategy with Syria     Play
October 9, 2018 There is now tangible evidence that the Israeli Prime Minister was right when he revealed a secret nuclear warehouse in Tehran, Iran     Play
October 8, 2018 Jewish Priest in Jerusalem performed a very important Temple ritual, the Water Libation     Play
October 5, 2018 Mega-church Pastor, Andy Stanley, says that the Ten Commandments have no application for the church today     Play
October 4, 2018 The leader of the labor party in Great Britain says that if elected as Prime Minister he will recognize a Palestinian State     Play
October 3, 2018 At the United Nations General Assembly the Israeli Prime Minister revealed a secret nuclear site in Iran     Play
October 2, 2018 Russia and Israel are on a collision course in Syria