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Prophecy Poll
In light of the prophecy of Revelation 18 which reveals the rise to power of the antichrist in a literal city called Babylon, located in modern day Iraq; and then the total destruction of Babylon, as foretold in Revelation 16:17 and following, could the decision by UNESCO to recognize Babylon as a world heritage site be setting this Biblical and prophetic event in place for a soon to happen event?
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Date Program Topic MP3
July 19, 2019 David James is on the ground in Africa with a thumbnail sketch of Islam on that continent     Play
July 18, 2019 The literal city of Babylon is alive and well and preparing to become the economic, political, governmental capitol of the worldw     Play
July 17, 2019 Leaders of the European Union want the European Union to be a "superstate"     Play
July 16, 2019 The movie and the stage presentation of "Fiddler on the Roof" is a reminder of the rise in anti-semitism by the Islamic world and the false church today     Play
July 15, 2019 Africa is rich with natural resources which is the reason that China and Russia are wanting to militarize this continent     Play
July 12, 2019 The African nation of Ethiopia is considered a Christian nation; however, the Bible reveals that Ethiopia has a major role in the end time scenario that is found in Bible prophecy     Play
July 11, 2019 We that are Christians must be ready to give a reason for the hope that we have for the future     Play
July 10, 2019 The United States Ambassador to Israel has called for the Temple to rebuilt, "This year in Jerusalem"     Play
July 9, 2019 The Alignment between Iran, Turkey, Syria and Russia, in the Middle East, is growing stronger each and every day     Play
July 8, 2019 Iran has told the United States military to prepare to die and they also gave Israel that same message     Play
July 5, 2019 The attack on Christianity in general, and Biblical truth, is happening here in American and in fact worldwide     Play
July 4, 2019 An earthquake at the Dead Sea in Israel is evidence of things to come     Play
July 3, 2019 Nothing has worked to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, so then, why not try the Peace to Prosperity plan     Play
July 2, 2019 Israel says it is ok for a Palestinian State, but not a Palestinian State that would replace a Jewish State     Play
July 1, 2019 President Trunp and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a "sidebar meeting" at the recent G20 meeting in Japan     Play
June 28, 2019 President Trump announces his re-election campaign with a very controversial opening prayer     Play
June 27, 2019 The Sanhedrin in Jerusalem has issued a gold coin in honor of the coming of the Davidic Dynasty     Play
June 26, 2019 The Palestinian leaders are saying that Israel has a plot to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque     Play
June 25, 2019 Iran continues to arm terrorist groups in and around Israel even as Iran ratchets up its radical rhetoric in the Middle East     Play
June 24, 2019 Russia's President Vladimir Putin says a US attack on Iran would be a catastrophe     Play
June 21, 2019 A presidential candidate says that God made him a gay person     Play
June 20, 2019 There has been a swarm of 700 earthquakes in Southern California     Play
June 19, 2019 The United States Ambassador to Israel says that Israel can annex Judea and Samaria     Play
June 18, 2019 Christian leaders from 65 different countries gathered in Jerusalem to pray for the peace of Jerusalem     Play
June 17, 2019 Iran is active in the Persian Gulf in order to be able to destroy the United States and Israel     Play
June 14, 2019 A Pastor who prayed for President Trump has been blasted for doing so     Play
June 13, 2019 A single rabbi captures the city of Hebron all by himself during the six day war back in 1967.     Play
June 12, 2019 Hundreds and thousands of rockets are today aimed at Israel     Play
June 11, 2019 Iranian leaders say that they can have a nuclear weapon of mass destruction in six months     Play
June 10, 2019 In Biblical times God demanded that the Jews must be seen by Him and they must see God; therefore, three times a year the Jews must go up to the Temple during the Jewish Feasts Days     Play
June 7, 2019 John Hagee does not believe in giving the Gospel to Jewish people so that they can be saved     Play
June 6, 2019 A scientist says that UFO's could be satanic creatures     Play
June 5, 2019 Palestinians attack Jews on the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day     Play
June 4, 2019 The Syrian War is not over as Turkey come to the rescue of anti-Assad terror groups     Play
June 3, 2019 The Israeli Prime Minister has failed to form a new government and now new elections will take place in September     Play
May 31, 2019 The United States Congress is voting on a bill that is dangerous for the Church and for Christians     Play
May 30, 2019 Some European Union member states are calling for a European Union Army; which, by the way, is key to Bible prophecy     Play
May 29, 2019