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Prophecy Poll
As the coronavirus pandemic is changing many aspects of our daily lives and the political operations of many nations; could this be how the Lord is setting the stage for the end-time scenario that is found in Bible prophecy, yet to be fulfilled?
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Headlines from around the World

picture of the day
‘Worst pandemic in century’ will
wipe out more than $4 TRILLION
from global economy – Asian
Development Bank

picture of the day
Israel and the Demise of the
Global Village

LEAD STORY Christians are misuing an Old Testament promise for the coronavirus crisis Read Jimmy's report on today's top story, and how this event relates to Bible prophecy.

Listen Live!


Dave James and Jimmy DeYoung will have a conversation of great interest to the Christian community today on PTIB. Jimmy and Dave will discuss how we should pray about the C-V crisis; can we mis-use promises in God's Word in our prayer life; how each passage and promise is from God; and how we must use God's method of interpretation to get the right message from our Lord. This discussion is so key to making sure we use God's Word to be able to really apply the promises of God, from His Word, to our daily walk with our Lord.

Prophecy Today TV - Dr. Jimmy DeYoung explains why we should study Bible prophecy

SCHOOL OF PROPHETS VIDEOS - Links to Dr. Jimmy DeYoung's class "Prophecy Through the Bible Part III, and Dave James' class "God's Plan Through the Ages"

THE MOST AMAZING CHRISTMAS - This is the miraculous story of the birth of Jesus Christ and why it had to take place when and where it did.

“An OBGYN Doctor Explains Abortion to Congress” – Dr. Levatino Destroys Abortion in 2 Minutes.
“What is the relationship of Turkey to Hamas?” – Watch as Dr. Jimmy DeYoung responds to this question on the John Ankerberg Show.
“What Role Will Turkey Play in the Biblical End Times?” – Watch as Dr. Jimmy DeYoung responds to this question on the John Ankerberg Show.
“Why Does Turkey Pose a Danger to Israel, Europe, and America?” – Watch as Dr. Jimmy DeYoung responds to this question on the John Ankerberg Show.
“Why is Turkey so Important in Current World Events?” – Watch as Dr. Jimmy DeYoung responds to this question on the John Ankerberg Show.
“What should people who do not believe in God do before it is too late?” – Watch as Dr. Jimmy DeYoung responds to this question on the John Ankerberg Show.


Is the above player not working? Try this link to Listen live.


Prophecy Today - Top 10 Daily News Stories
'Worst pandemic in century' will wipe out more than $4 TRILLION from global economy - Asian Development Bank The global economy will see a much bigger hit from the coronavirus pandemic than previously expected, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has warned in its annual report.

Iran World War 3 shock: Why coronavirus pandemic could end Tehran's nuclear plans Iran is one of the countries suffering the most during the coronavirus pandemic - and an Iranian expert has suggested to that the deadly virus could lead to the end of Tehran's nuclear ambitions too.

Meet the Sejjil: Iran's Terrifying Ballistic Missile (A Potential Nuclear Missile?) One of Iran's more capable missile designs is the Sejjil-and remarkably it is probably produced domestically. It could potentially hit parts of Europe-and carry a nuclear warhead.

Coronavirus: Ultra-Orthodox Israeli town of Bnei Brak under lockdown An ultra-Orthodox Jewish town with one of the highest rates of coronavirus cases in Israel has been placed under effective lockdown.

Israel and the Demise of the Global Village In the face of the steeply rising number of coronavirus patients and the breakneck speed of political changes in Israel, few people have stopped to notice that the world we have grown accustomed to living in for the past generation is falling apart.

Coronavirus is Dismantling the Ultra-Orthodox Model A map of the coronavirus cases in Israel indicates it's spreading rapidly in the city of Bnei Brak, an ultra-Orthodox enclave in which, doctors believe, a very high proportion of the population is infected.

Schengen isn't dead - yet. The real test is still to come The Schengen zone, Europe's free movement area, recently celebrated an important anniversary. 25 years ago on 26 March , internal border controls were lifted by all the participating states to the Schengen Convention.

Coronavirus outbreak eats into EU unity The coronavirus crisis really brings into question what the EU is all about.

Coronavirus crisis in France sparks antisemitic conspiracy theories Disease-related antisemitic conspiracy theories haven't been seen in France since the plagues of old. But with the new coronavirus pandemic, the strain is re-emerging.

'This is not mythology' Archaeology find in ancient Israel 'matching' Bible story revealed Archaeologists are hoping to uncover the secrets of the Bible after digging a famous site in Israel, leading one expert to claim the religious book "is not mythology".

* Prophetic Prospective is Prophecy Today's biblical commentary on the news.
* Please note: The starred stories are located outside of Prophecy Today's website. Prophecy Today is not responsible for their content and does not necessarily agree with the views expressed therein.

picture of the day
Coronavirus is Dismantling the
Ultra-Orthodox Model

picture of the day
‘This is not mythology’ Archaeology
find in ancient Israel ‘matching’
Bible story revealed

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